Sweet Chat App

There are a ton of dating apps available, and Sweet Chat App is one of them.

Most apps require a paid subscription to use their basic features like viewing who liked you and sending more than 20-30 likes.


That’s not the case with the Sweet Chat App. This app offers most of the features for free.

Because of it, we have recommended the Sweet Chat App to a lot of people who were looking for online dating.

But now, We can’t recommend this app to anyone.

Why? Because the sweet chat app is not working anymore. It’s sad to see a deserving dating app disappearing. Millions of people were using the app and having fun. But suddenly, the app stopped working.

So what actually happened to the app? Why sweet chat app is not working anymore?

We have tried to figure it out.

Why sweet chat app is not working?

We have tried to contact the developers, but didn’t receive any reply from their side.

We don’t know what exactly happened with the app, but we know what could be the possible reasons.

  • Sweet Snap Studio, the owner of the Sweet Chat app, mainly works with the camera and other music-related apps. They have four apps other with millions of users. So it seems like they aren’t interested in running a dating app anymore.
  • Creating and maintaining a dating app is costlier than a camera app. Possibly the company was not making the expected revenue, so they decided to discontinue the app.
  • Most of the features were free, and literally, nobody needed the paid features. It hits the in-app purchases and affects the revenue, which is another possible reason to close the app.
  • Sometimes developers work on a new big update, and they shut down the current services. It could be the case with the Sweet chat app. But this app has not been working for ten months now, so it doesn’t seem like they are working on an update.
  • The last possible reason could be unfollowing privacy policies. Every app must have to follow Google’s policies. If any app doesn’t follow, then they are not allowed to be in the play store.

No matter what’s the reason. The thing is that millions of people are waiting for this app to work. We don’t know whether this app will work again or not.

So what to do if the Sweet chat is not working?

In that case, you should look for some alternatives. Here are the best and free dating apps that you can use as a Sweet chat app alternative.

The Sweet Chat App Review

Note: This review was done when the app used to work fine. Read this review further if you want to know why this app used to be amazing.  

About Sweet Chat App

Google Play store rating: 3.8 (Before it was 4.3)

Google Play store downloads: 5M+

In-app Product’s Price: $0.7 to $67 per item

According to the developers, Sweet chat is rated for 12+ age group. But in our opinion, It should be rated for the 18+ age group.

The app is downloaded more than five million times on the google play store, which was one Million initially.

How to use Sweet Chat App

Once you download the app, you can signup using Facebook or Gmail.

After signup, it will take a few seconds to complete the profile. 

You can easily add profile information. Once everything is done, it’s time to swipe right.

The app works on the swiping method like other dating apps.

Useful features of Sweet Chat App

1. Mysterious Post Office: As the name suggests, you can send a message anonymously to any random person.

Once you click on Get Anonymous Meaasages, you will start receiving messages from other persons.

You can reply or pass the message. You can also send texts to other.

Mysterious Post office in sweet chat app
Mysterious Post office in sweet chat app

One thing is to notice is that you don’t have any control to choose the person or gender.

Your message will automatically be sent to any random person (Any male or female).

Then you can chat anonymously. If you want to see the profile of that person, you need to like each other’s profile.

2. Games: This concept of playing games with any random person is very similar to the Hago App.

This feature is completely removed now. You will not see games in the Sweet chat app anymore.

Old vs New Discover Tab (The games are removed in new version)

3. Coins for Daily Log-in and Liking other profiles: This is the most useful feature of this app.

For daily login, you will get coins. You can use these coins for making random voice calls and send winks.

If you want to choose a specific gender to wink then you have to spend 15 coins. For daily login, you will earn 5 coins but on the 6th day, you will get 30 coins.

You will get 100 likes per day. Once you complete 100 likes, you will get 30 coins more. This technique increases the chance of getting a match.

4. Anonymous Wink and Ring: When you are out of likes, then you can use this feature.

You can anonymously wink or call any random person. There is an option to choose the gender for wink or call, but it needs 10 coins per wink or call.

If you choose female, you will be winked to female only, and 10 coins will be deducted from your total points.

Wink and Games in Sweet chat
Wink and Games (The above Discover Tab is old but the new one also offers winks and calls)

Anonymous rings also work the same way as wink. You can call any random person using this feature. The cost of the coins is also the same as winks.

5. Free Voice call: It’s an another loved feature. You can make free voice calls to your friends.

One thing is to notice that the voice call needs good internet speed. If you have weak internet connection, then you may end up saying, hey, can you hear me?

When you get matched to anyone, you can make free voice calls. This is a great feature if you don’t want to text and prefer voice calls.

To make a voice call, open the messages of that profile. Click on the phone icon below the text message area.

6. Other Features: Sweet chat app provides other features like one super like in a day, send a gift, option to suggest only male or female with a specific age group, etc.

If you don’t want to show your profile on Sweet chat, you can do so from settings.

All these features are free and you don’t need to pay anything.

So why do you need to pay if most of the features are free?

The answer is VIP membership.

7. VIP Membership: VIP membership offers unlimited likes, option to see who likes you, 5 super likes in a day, unlimited rewinds, and VIP membership badge.

The one month cost of VIP membership is $12.

In our personal opinion, you will be satisfied with the free version and never need the VIP membership.

So these were the features of this app. But, what about the real-life experience? Do all these features work as expected? Let’s find out.

Real-life experience with Sweet Chat App

Just like the other dating apps, we had both good and bad experience with this app.

The good experience with Sweet Chat App

We have used a lot of dating apps.

Usually we use the app, check if it works well, and then decide to use it further or not.

In case of Sweet Chat App, it remains in our phone for more than 13 months.


Because every day we get an average of 15 new matches. In 13 months, we used all the free features of this app, and we are totally satisfied.

We never got such a huge number of matches on any app for free.

Profile in dating app
Profile showing number of coins at top right (This is an old image, Now I have 14.5k coins)

Another feature that we liked is text detection. If someone is sending some vulgar text, then he will not be able to send it.

The app will keep showing a message (Pay attention to your behavior. You will be banned for any inappropriate usage) to that user.

The bad experience with Sweet Chat App

Not everything is in favor of this app. There are some profiles with vulgar photos in the app. Such a kind of profile gets more likes every day and remains on the top in the list of charm rankings.

Yes, the app is taking precautions like the app block the vulgar text in a message. But this feature is available only for text, the app doesn’t block vulgar photos as of now.

Next thing that nobody likes is fake profiles. A lot of people have created fake profiles.

To avoid this, there should be a profile verification process.

People are also facing some other problems. Just see the image below.

Sweet chat app reviews
Most of the issues arrived after updates

Another thing that we didn’t like is the ability to see the persons who liked you.

Before, If anyone want to see the people who liked him, then he had to spend 60 coins. Most people earn thousands of coins for free, so spending 60 coins was totally fine.

But now,

If we want to see the person who liked us, then we need to go for VIP membership.

No matter how many coins we have, we simply can’t see the persons with these coins. To see those people, we need the paid subscription.

How the recent update ruined everything

One day, we opened the app to check messages. we got an error message saying that Something went wrong. Please check your internet connection.

We thought it’s a network problem so we didn’t take it seriously. Then we tried after some time, but we got the same message.

We kept getting this message for 4-5 days. Then we realized that the problem is with the app, not with our network.

Then we uninstalled the app and re-installed it again. Now we tried to log-in using Facebook, and got the same error message.

It’s been more than 3 months, we are not able to log-in. We found that a lot of people are also facing the same issue. Just like us, they aren’t able to log-in.

Because of this issue, the rating of sweet chat app is declining.

Pros and Cons


  • Ability to translate the message to your native language
  • Very high probability of getting a match every day
  • Free features work very well
  • You will get coins just by logging-in and swiping right
  • Free voice calls.


  • You can’t even log-in or create an account (as of now)
  • Some profiles with vulgar photos
  • No Profile verification process
  • A lot of fake profiles
  • In free version, you can’t see the person who liked you (Earlier this feature was free)


Now the question is, Is it a good dating app, and Should you use it?

The answer is yes, you can use this app but only if this log-in issue is resolved. Otherwise there is no need to use this app because you will not be able to use it.

Once this issue gets resolved, then it’s a great app. If you are getting so many matches in a day, then what more do you need? A dating app should offer a high number of matches, and the Sweet Chat App does that.

Also, you will get a lot of features for free. That’s why you don’t need to go for the paid version.

Yes, your experience may vary depending on your location but for most of the people, this app will be a great dating app.


What to do if someone sends you inappropriate messages?

Here you have two options. Either you can unmatch or report that user.

If you unmatch, the app will ask you the reason. Choose the reason and unmatch that user.

Is Sweet Chat app Safe?

Till now, We haven’t seen any security issue on this app. So as of now, the app is safe to use.

Moreover, If you want to keep yourself safe from frauds, then don’t share your personal detail with anyone without knowing them.

Do you need to go for VIP membership?

To be honest, you don’t need VIP membership. Most of the features of the Sweet chat app are free.

So this was the review of Sweet Chat Dating app. Do you agree or disagree with our review? Do let us know.

For any question, feel free to ask in comment.

We hope this article helped you to know about the Sweet Chat App.

If you found it helpful, you can share it with others. Your single share will make our day.

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    1. Hey Dhru, The sweet Chat app is not working in a lot of countries, including India. We got no response when we tried to contact the company in this regard. So as of now, what you can do is try other dating apps.

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