How to Make a Girl Feel Comfortable

One of the biggest questions to start a good relationship is How to make a girl feel comfortable with you?

Believe it or not, the foundation of a healthy relationship is comfort. Everything else comes after that.

Once a girl is comfortable with you, it becomes way easier to date her. Even girls also want to live with a person they feel comfortable with.

So, we have tested some tips, and these tips worked great on everyone, and we are sure these will also work for you too.

Why Should You Make a Girl Feel Comfortable?

Would you live with a person with whom you are not comfortable? Or would you even talk to that person?

If No, then you already know the answer.

Girls usually don’t get comfortable with every guy. They don’t share their feelings or secrets with everyone. They need a special one for that. If you want to be that special one, then you need to make her feel comfortable.

If you want her to trust you, then you have to make her feel comfortable first.  

Making her comfortable around is important if you want to impress a girl, or get in touch with her, or planning future with her.

Making a girl feel comfortable is the most important thing that will help you to be a part of her life. 

So let’s move to the best tips that will help you to make it happen.

Best Tips to Make a girl feel comfortable

Let’s start with the tips that we have given to a lot of people, and got a good response from everyone.

1. Spend more time with her

The best way to make her comfortable around you is by spending time together.

The more time you spend together, the more you know each other. The more you know each other, the more you get comfortable.

We are not asking you to leave your work and spend the whole day with her.

You can start with small duration activities like lunch, coffee, or some other fun activities.

Later you can extend this duration and spend more time with her.

2. Try to know her well

If you have started spending time together, but you still don’t know about her, then you are just wasting your time.

To make her comfortable, you need to know her well. Try to know her likes, dislikes. Observe her behavior, her way of talking, what are the things that make her happy, etc. 

You need to know all these things.


Because when you know her well, you will start doing things that she likes and make her happy.

Once you start doing this, she will naturally get comfortable with you.

3. Make her Laugh

It has been proved that a girl is always attracted to a guy who makes her laugh. If you are funny, then it can skyrocket the chances of making her comfortable with you.   

It shows your humor and intelligence that a girl often appreciates.

A study at the University of Kansas, shows that your ability to get along with her in a relationship has a lot to do with your sense of humor.

Believe it or not, this tip has been followed by thousands of guys, and every single time, it worked.

Have you ever seen a boy with a girl sitting in a park? The boy is making the girl laugh, and she is holding his arms or putting her head on his shoulder.

It’s a clear sign that she is comfortable with him. 

In your case, if she finds you funny, she will come back to you again for sure.  

4. Know what makes her uncomfortable

Know how to make a girl feel comfortable

It’s important to know what makes her feel comfortable. But what’s more important is knowing the things that make her feel uncomfortable.

Try to know the things, persons, places, or anything else that makes her uncomfortable.

Don’t do things like unnecessary touches or hugs or kisses (if she doesn’t allow). Don’t make fun of her in front of unknown persons. Don’t talk to her rudely, and never use offensive language.
All these things can make her uncomfortable, which is the opposite of what you want.

5. Talk about the shared interests

Getting into a long conversation is also the best way to make her feel comfortable. And nothing can be better than talking about shared interests to have a long conversation. 

Imagine you meet a person having similar interests like yours. You can talk to that person for hours, and you will love it.

When you start talking about shared interests, then you can literally talk about it for so long without getting bored.

Follow this tip when you are with the girl. It will not only increase the time to spend together, but it will also help to know each other’s thoughts.

Note: Here, we are talking about your interests, not daily things like your favorite food, movie, etc. Because if both of you love ice-cream, then how long can you talk about it?

Pro Tips to make a girl feel comfortable

The tips mentioned above are important. But there are some other tips that many boys don’t pay much attention to.

1. Respect her

how to ask a girl for a date

No matter what you do to make her comfortable. If you don’t respect her, she will never come closer to you again. She will not even talk to you.

It is possible that she has done something that you don’t like and makes you angry. In such situations, try to be calm and don’t say anything offensive because words can hurt more than wounds.

Not only her, but also respect her decisions. It’s the sign of a gentleman, and a girl always gets comfortable with such a kind of guy.

2. Ask her permission to get closer physically

Never get closer physically without asking her. If you do, you are going to lose her trust. It will take a few seconds for her to realize that you only want her to get physical.

You have to understand the situation and wait for the right time. Ask for permission before hugging, kissing, and getting closer.

If she doesn’t allow for the first time, then it’s better to wait for the right time rather than forcing her.

3. Be honest

Being honest is the best way to win her trust. If she has trust in you, then don’t try to be over-smart. Don’t flirt with other girls.

Nobody knows what will happen when a girl realizes that you are not honest with her.

If you are an honest guy and she knows it, then it will be much easier to make her feel comfortable with you.

4. Know her problems and try to give a solution

You spend time with her, know her well, make her laugh, but you never talk about the problems.

If you do so, then you are making a half-baked relationship.

Everyone has problems in life. If a girl is sharing her problems with you, then it means you are special for her. Possibly she is expecting some solution or help.

Try to give some solutions if possible. If you do so, then she will know that you can help her out, and it will make her comfortable with you.

If you can give any solution, at least listen to her problems.

5. Stay hygiene

After following the above tips, she will be comfortable with you for sure. Now, it’s natural to get closer to each other.


What if you are not hygiene. Your clothes are dirty and stink.

It will make her uncomfortable with you for sure. She will try to avoid your company.

So, wear clean clothes, dress well, take a bath daily, and brush your teeth.

These are very simple things to do, but these things really help to look attractive, and she will get closer to you comfortably.

Now it’s your turn

We have shared some of the best tips to make a girl feel comfortable with you. Thousands of people have followed the same tips, and all worked very well for everyone.

So, What now?

Now it’s your turn. If these tips can work for others, then why not for you? Just follow these tips and see the difference.

FAQs on How to Make a Girl Feel Comfortable With You

What can I say to a girl to comfort her?

You should appreciate her and make her laugh. Try to ask her questions related to her hobbies.

Get into a conversation on a shared interest. If you start a conversation about both of your interests, the conversation will go long.

Your long conversations will be the starting stage of her comfort.

How do you make a girl feel happy?

It varies from girl to girl. But the common things that can help you to make a girl happy are:

1. Take her to a walk or cafe or her favorite place. 
2. Try to solve her problems.
3. Make her realize that she is special. 
4. Spend quality time with her, appreciate her, make her laugh, and take care of her. 
5. Listen to her, and don’t ignore her.
6. Always be there to support her.  

How can I change my GF mood?

Start the conversation related to her family, her favorite things, or your best memories of life with her.

Talk to her politely and show her love and care. These things are really helpful to change a girl’s mood.

So these were the tips for making a girl feel comfortable with you. If you have any questions, ask in the comments below.

These are the tried and tested tips. If you start to follow these tips, you will start seeing the result in a couple of days.

Don’t forget to check it outHow to Talk Confidently with Girls

These tips are the best to make a girl feel comfortable.

We hope you got what you were looking for. We tried to give you the best possible tips.

If you believe sharing is caring, then feel free to share this article to help others.

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