how to impress a girl

Do you want to impress a girl? if yes, then you are going to get some proven tips here.

I am going to share some tried and tested tips on How to Impress a girl. I have tried all these tips, and my success rate was more than 90%.

See, it’s becoming more difficult to impress a girl nowadays.


Because most of the girls are already aware of the techniques that a boy use to impress her.

In that situation, what should you do?

There are some evergreen and some unique tips that works all the times and way better than anything else.

You may have read some articles with unique ideas to impress a girl, but in my personal opinion, instead of doing unique things, make yourself unique.

How? I will tell you in a moment.

Proven tips on How to impress a girl

Are you excited to know how you can impress a girl?

1. Don’t try to impress her

Wait…what? How is it possible to impress a girl without trying to impress her?

Actually, it’s a technique that works most of the time. Let me explain how.

A lot of boys are habitual of following girls. They run after a girl all day long just to impress her. It’s a stupid thing that a boy should never do because a girl doesn’t like all these things.

Most of the time, guys keep making some silly mistakes in front of a girl. They try to be over-smart because they want to make a good impression in front of her.

Most of the time a girl already knows that a boy is trying to impress her.

All those silly things like pretending to be the smartest guy, doing some car and bike stunts, arguing with anyone for no reason, pretending that there is nothing without you, are just useless.

So if you are also doing this kind of stuff, then you are no different from other boys.

Instead of trying to impressing her, try to make it natural. Be what you are. Make her feel that you are the only one for her. You don’t need to change yourself just to impress her.

I am not saying don’t make any single effort. I am just saying, don’t make her feel that you are trying to impress her like all other boys. Just do it naturally.

2. Make yourself unique

Most of the girls think that all boys are the same. 


Maybe because most of the boys do the same things.

Doing unique things for a girl is a secondary thing. The first thing is to make yourself unique.

know what makes you best. What is that unique thing that can make you stand out of the crowd?

Is it your personality, your behavior, your unique talent, or anything else? Find it out. Because if you are unique from others, you will grab her attention, and it’s an important thing to impress a girl naturally.

3. Ignore her

A girl always knows that mostly all the boys stare at her, try to talk to her, and then try to impress her. It’s normal for a girl.

But, what if you start ignoring that girl. You will immediately get into her attention because you are not doing the same thing as other boys do.

If you ignore her then she will be curious to know why this guy is not giving me attention? Why is he ignoring me? Doesn’t he find me beautiful? 

There will be many other questions in her mind just like these.

Anytime later, when you talk to her for any reason, she will respond to you immediately.

This trick works for most of the time. How? Because I have followed the same tip and it worked for me.

To make you believe it, I want to share my real-life experience with you. 

There was a hot girl in my class. All boys were trying to impress her but I was ignoring her. Even I didn’t make any eye contact her. She knew that I am not running after her.

After a few days, She came to me and started to talk. I responded to her with a smiling face and then we started talking daily. After some time, she asked me for my phone number, and I gave it to her.

Now I just want to say that this trick really works. But, there is one most important thing that you have to keep in mind. What’s that? Actually, that’s the next tip.

4. Give your best on your looks

Looks good to impress a girl

Believe it or not, your looks is the trump card to impress a girl.

See, when you go in front of a girl, what will be the first thing she is going to notice? Most definitely your looks.

Looking good doesn’t mean that your face should be like a hero of a movie. It simply means that how you look overall. Your look is defined by your dressing sense, your personality, and your behavior.

You must have heard that ‘The first impression is the last impression‘. The same thing applies here. If you look good, you make a good impression for sure.

Have you ever noticed that a well dressed, hygiene girl not only looks beautiful, but also grabs the attention of most of the people?

This applies to men/boys too.

If you keep yourself hygiene, dress well, and look good then you will surely grab the attention of girls. And then, you will not need to make many efforts.

Now, How can you improve your looks?

I am not going to talk about some basic things like taking a bath daily, keeping yourself hygienic, etc. These are the basic things that every boy must do.

Here I am going to talk about those things that most of the boys don’t care much.

  • Get a good Hairstyle: Your hairstyle can completely change the way you look. It really helps to enhance your look. But, before getting any hairstyle, you need to know what style suits you best. If you don’t know which hairstyle is best for you, then go to a barber and take some advice.

If you are bald, then you can skip this. Here you need to pay attention to other points.

  • Style your beard: Do you know? Beard is so trending nowadays. A lot of girls prefer short to medium length beard. If you are also a bearded guy, then you need to style your beard. Growing a beard is not everything. You have to style it. Styling the beard properly makes it look many times attractive than a messy beard.

Before you grow a beard, you need to understand which beard style looks best at you.

  • Know your dressing sense: Now, this is very important to know what type of clothes suit you. You have to know what looks better either shirts or T-shirts. The color of your clothes also matters a lot. For example, I love wearing shirts and black color suits me better so I prefer black shirts. You can try another combination also, but one or two colors should be your main color.
  • Use some grooming products: Grooming products are made to serve a purpose. These products really help you to improve your looks. Apply some moisturizer, hair serum, UV protection cream. And yes, don’t forget to apply deodorant.

Believe me, If you just take care of these 4 steps, then your looks is going to improve a lot.

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5. Compliment the way she looks

Look into her eyes

Every girl loves compliments, especially when it’s related to her looks.

Every girl wants to look beautiful, and they make efforts to do so. When you compliment her, then 95% of the time, she will reply with a smile.

It’s a sign of flirting, and there is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes it’s impossible to impress a girl without flirting.

You can compliment her looks, smile, dress, etc. If you do so, she will feel special. Her trust and affection will start to tilt towards you.

6. Be Polite and gentle

How to impress a girl

No matter how good you look, if your talking behavior is not polite, then nobody will talk to you for longer.

Nobody likes to talk to a rude person. That’s why you need to stay calm and polite because it reflects your character and manners.

Usually, girls don’t like a person who talks rudely.

Girls like those guys who also respect others. So, don’t be polite only for the girls, but also for others. Girls usually notice your way of talking to others.

Always behave like a gentleman to your girl. Don’t insult her in front of others. You can make fun with her, which shows your sense of humor, and that is completely fine.

When you are alone with the girl, then you can do some childish things. Many girls like these little things.

7. Make her smile and Don’t bore her

Make her smile to impress a girl

If you really want to impress any girl, then simply make her smile. The best thing about this tip is that she will never know that you are trying to impress her. 

Why? Because making someone laugh feels so natural. 

It’s the best way to win her heart. If you do this, you will not bore her, and there are high chances that next time she will come to you to talk.

Making her laugh shows your sense of humor. But remember, if you think that only making her laugh will make her fall in love with you, then it’s not true. 

Yes, it plays a very important role, but you have to take care of other tips also.

Don’t make fun of others just to make her laugh. If you do so, then you may hurt someone’s feelings. Try to make everything funny, but without hurting anyone.

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8. Treat her like a queen

make here feel special to impress her

If you want to be her king, then first make her feel like a queen. You have to take care of her and need to make her feel special.

Try to find those small things which she does not get from anyone else. Start to notice her little things which make her feel special.

Once you start talking to each other, then don’t ignore her. If you do, then you will lose her. Whenever she wants to talk to you, then talk back. If she texts you, then reply back.

Give her little surprises. Give her priority over others, spent some time with her.

If you do these little things, then she is going to feel special for sure.

9. Make a positive mindset

always be positive

Believe it or not but this method really works because it worked for me. A positive mindset reflects positive vibes from you.

Now you may ask how positivity will help to impress a girl?

The answer is simple. Your positive mindset will fill you with confidence. It brings a smile on your face. You start to feel attractive, which eventually leaves a good impression on others.

Always remember, If you start thinking positive, then positive things will start happening to you.

Isn’t it enough for you? Then here are some bonus tips.

Other Bonus Tips

  • Respect her.
  • Listen to her.
  • Don’t touch her with wrong intentions.
  • Be a gentleman.
  • Avoid smoking in front of her.
  • Help her in any situation.
  • Try to control your anger.

So these were the best and effective ways to impress a girl. These tricks really work in real life.

Wait…there is something more for you.

What if you want to impress a girl who you don’t know. You can follow the above steps to impress an unknown girl, but not all the steps are mandatory. There are a few things that are different.

How to impress unknown girl

Maybe you have seen a girl in a college/cafe/bar/restaurant etc, and you want to impress her. Impressing an unknown girl is a different thing.

When you go to impress an unknown girl, then you need to be a quick action taker. You will not have enough time. That’s why you need to make it quick.

Follow these Steps to impress an unknown girl

Show your confidence: You have to be confident when you are going to talk to an unknown girl. Confidence is the first thing a girl will notice whenever you do to talk to her.

It may be possible that you feel a little shy or nervous. But when you start talking, don’t get too nervous. Just take a deep breath and stay calm. Talk to her normally.

Don’t overthink because it can further increase your nervousness. Be relax and think that you already know her, and you are comfortable with her. By doing this, you will feel more confident.

Look into her eyes: When you start talking to her, then look into her eyes. Don’t look here and there while talking. If you look anywhere else then she may think that you are afraid of talking.

Put a smile on your face: While talking to her, put a smile on your face. Smile is the way of letting her know that you are a positive personality, and you enjoying her company.

Start with casual talk: You can’t start with “hey, I like you and want to date you”. You have to start with a casual talk. You should try to make her friend first. Then try to make her comfortable so that she doesn’t hesitate to talks to you. Ask about her and talk to her for some time.

Make her feel Comfortable: When you start talking, try to make her feel comfortable. If she gets comfortable with you, she will talk to you again. Also, try to make her laugh while keeping your conversation casual. This will show your sense of humor, and chances are high that she will get impressed by you.

Now if you are thinking that how you can make her feel comfortable, then you can read this useful article on How to Make a Girl Feel Comfortable With You.

Compliment her: You can also compliment her smile, hair or her dress, etc. Try to give a genuine compliment. A genuine compliment is a sign that you are really noticing her.

Follow all these methods and there are high chances that she will not reject you. For some reason if she rejects you, ask her to be your friend, and you can try to impress her later.

These are the real-life things that totally depends on you. You can’t just rely on tips. You have to try it yourself.

FAQs on How to impress a girl

How can I impress a girl without talking to her?

If you want to impress a girl without talking, then you really need to look good and attractive because your looks is the first noticeable thing. Some Tips are:

1. Dress well because It will improve your personality.
2. Stay hygiene because it will make you look attractive.
3. Don’t use offensive body language. 
4. Give her a Smile.
5. Make eye contacts, but don’t stare at her.   

How can I impress a girl on phone?

Impressing a girl on phone is different from impressing a girl in person. You need to take care of a few things.

1. Call her when you both are free. 
2. Start your conversation asking about herself. 
3. Speak clearly and be polite. 
4. Try to be funny (The most important thing).
5. Show some interest in your conversation with her. 
6. Don’t ask the same thing again and again.
7. Don’t end the call in the middle of the conversation unless it’s too important to end the call.  
8. End the call gracefully. 

How can I impress a girl in school?

The school-age is the time period when the girls are not mature enough. In this case, take care of a few things. 

1. Make eye contact with the girl you want to impress, but don’t stare at every other girl. 
2. Don’t flirt with other girls (A friendly talk is fine).
3. Help her in homework or any other school project. 
4. Talk to her politely. 
5. Try to be funny.     

How can I impress a girl by talking?

1. Show some confidence. 
2. Look into her eye while talking to her.
3. Ask about her.
4. Try to be funny.
5. Dress well to impress. 

How to Impress a girl if she already has a boyfriend?

If she already has a boyfriend, then it doesn’t mean that you should stop talking to her. Don’t stop being her friend.

Don’t do anything to break them up because it’s not the ideal way to get her attention.

Instead, help her, advise her, and have funny conversations.

I have shared the tips that I follow every single time. These tips really helped me a lot, and I sure these will help you too.

If you left with any questions in your mind, then feel free to ask in the comment section.

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I hope you have got what you were looking for. I have tried to solve your query in the best way possible.

If you have found these tips helpful, then share these with others.

Thanks for reading these tips on How to Impress a girl, How to Impress a girl easily, How to Impress any girl, How to Impress an unknown girl.

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