how to impress a girl

Do you want to impress any girl? Here are a few helpful tips shared by a girl.

Dear boys. If you think girls are easy to woo and impress, well, think twice.

Gone are the days when you cracked a few jokes, made her laugh, flirted ridiculously, and the girl was impressed. 

In today’s times, it won’t help, and you need to do much more than that.


Because girls have become aware of these super basic tricks that every guy follows and just go after the girl so desperately that sometimes they seem psycho.

If you want to make a significant and lasting impression on someone, it will take time and effort. 

The girl you’ve been eyeing is unique, so why not make some special efforts for her?

We have made things easier for you by sharing these impactful tips on how to impress a girl.

Why do you need to impress a girl?

While roaming around, you saw a girl and liked her instantly. But obviously, you were scared to talk to her directly, so you managed to find a way to do so.

Now, you are hoping for this girl to like you back too, but you don’t know how to make the best first impression, and this is why you need to make extra efforts so that you don’t get friend-zoned or even worse, Bro-zoned.

Do this before anything else

  • Don’t make yourself look stupid. Act smarter.

Most of the guys live in the fear that they might come out as stupid if they did something irrational. The girls are not as complicated as you might think.

The fact is, the harder you try, the harder you make her lose interest in you. Nobody likes a person who comes off as needy and clingy.

Act wisely, and follow our proven ways to impress a girl, so that she always remains interested in you.

  • Know if she has any interest in you

Before making any efforts, please look for signs that she might be interested in you so that you don’t end up hurting and breaking your heart.

If she is also interested in you, even a bit, then things will go in your favor, and everything will become easier for you.

You can also read this to know if a girl likes you or not.

You must have heard a lot of common ways to impress a girl, but in this article, we are going to tell you some not-so-common things that you need to keep in mind to impress the girl of your dreams.

The Right Ways to Impress a Girl

1. Just be Yourself

Don’t try too hard to impress a girl. You can show your authentic charm by being yourself. After all, you are more than enough.

Girls have a sixth sense that can tell if a guy is faking it or he is actually that way. So if you pretend to be someone you are not, it’s going to take her away from you rather than bring her close.

To make a long-lasting impression, be who you actually are in your real life, and see wonders.

2. Have a Sense of Humor

Having a sense of humor comes even above having a great personality. Everybody loves to be around a person who is humorous and makes people around them laugh. 

Although this doesn’t come naturally to some people, and if it doesn’t, don’t make up lame jokes. It will irritate people around.

Being humorous does not mean you make fun of people. It just means that a girl never faces a dull moment whenever she’s with you.

These jokes will come in handy for breaking the ice between you two, especially if you’re a nervous type of guy.

3. Love Yourself and Stop Complaining

Imagine you just met a girl, and all you do is complain about your lifestyle, parents, friends, or job. What do you think will happen?

She will think you have a complaining nature, who remains sad almost all the time and surpasses negative energy into the universe.

A quick question for you. Will you be comfortable around a person who keeps complaining most of the time? If no, then why will you expect someone else to be?

Please note that sharing problems once in a while is so different from crying about them all the time.

Girls already face so many problems in their daily life. So be her peace.

4. Give Her Time and Space

The rule of attraction says, the more you run after something you like, the chances of them running in the opposite direction increases.

It does not matter how kind-hearted or dedicated you are towards her. If you keep chasing her, despite her giving you multiple signals not to, you will come out as desperate and needy.

And rather than pulling her towards you, you will unconsciously be pushing her away.

Thus, always maintain your dignity, and let her enjoy her time rather than being rejected nastily.

Moreover, giving them their time and space has proven to make them miss you more with time.

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5. Have Control Over Your Emotions

Look into her eyes

Nothing else acts as a massive turn-off for a girl more than a person who is constantly poking into her life and someone who doesn’t have a life on their own.

Your primary focus should be on controlling your feelings rather than being in control of your emotions.

You just met a girl, you are getting to know each other, and within three days, you tell her that you love her. It’s a huge turn-off for a girl because falling in love takes time.

Take the appropriate amount of time to exercise self-control and impulse control. Things that you get quickly are usually not long-lasting.

6. Stop Bragging About Yourself

If you always keep talking about yourself, it will annoy many people around you, including the girl you want to impress. 

It is fantastic to be proud of yourself, but showing it off is not the right way. All you need is to find better ways to express your achievements.

You don’t have to explain the whole process, but try to add on the difficulties you went through to achieve your goals, always with a feeling of gratitude.

Your humbleness will attract the girl you like, and she won’t be able to stop mentioning you in front of her girl gang, a bonus point for you.

7. Be Completely Honest

Ever since your childhood, you must have heard the quote that Honesty is the best policy. Well, it stands true in your relationship aspect too.

A wrong mindset might impress the girl in an instant, but it won’t stay for long. 

Since a boy really doesn’t know much about that girl, so relying on basic tactics and stupid pick-up lines is something boys believe in.

So what should you do? Always try to get to know her and stay completely honest about yourself.

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8. Stay Committed to Your Goals

Nothing is more appealing than a man who is serious about his goals and committed to them.

Researchers say that sharing your goal with someone you like doubles the chances of keeping you accountable and more motivated because you actually care about what she thinks of you.

Build a successful life outside of her. 

Studies have proven numerous times that girls are more likely to be impressed by men who are successful in their careers and are constantly thriving to get more and more of it.

9. Communicate Consistently

always be positive

Some guys have a belief that regular communication can make them look desperate. But the reality is, it makes you look secure and confident.

If she knows you’re interested and senses that you’re holding back, you look insecure. These types of actions will make her run away. 

Communicate consistently, and don’t fear taking charge of your feelings.

If you want to impress a girl, try swooping in between weekly dates with regular texts and some phone calls

It indirectly conveys to her that you are thinking about her. It also gives her that flushed cheeks, I-want-to-be-with-him sort of feeling.

10. Make Her Feel Special

Every girl wants to be special and unique in the eyes of her boyfriend or somebody she likes. 

Nothing impresses a woman more than a guy treating her like a princess.

Compliment her often, and notice she will be smiling for the rest of your meeting. 

Instead of using phrases like “hot” and ” fit”, use “beautiful” and ” pretty” instead. These words have a lot of emotion behind them.

If possible, try to be more specific, like complimenting her eyes, her smile, or anything else that you admire in her. 

She will be unable to stop thinking about those compliments or you for a long time.

11. Be Accessible

In order to stand out, you shall always try to be responsive to her needs, both the implicit and the explicit ones. 

It requires you to focus on her, noticing the little things and acting accordingly. 

To understand this better, given below are a few suggestions:

  • If she had a super hectic day at work, make dinner for her or at least bring her food.
  • If she needs something to be done in a short period, offer her help, provided you know how to do that task.

A well-deserved woman shall receive and reciprocate your help. The more you respond to her needs, the more attracted she’ll become to you.

12. Bring Her Gifts

Who doesn’t love gifts? It’s a sign of romance, affection, and care.

These days, boys don’t care to be romantic. All they mostly do is just meet a girl, flirt, and hope that the girl will head over heels for him.

When you bring her gifts, you won’t come out as cheesy or needy. Instead, it will help you behave like the powerful alpha male you are and will definitely trigger the emotions of the girl you’ve met.

13. Embracing Certitude

A girl always prefers a guy who has a plan, always. A guy who just goes with the flow almost all the time does not impress her that well.

Having a plan communicates that you’re spontaneous. You like to take the lead and really care about the girl having a good time with you.

Lack of thoughtfulness could be a huge turn-off

Show up with a sense of confidence in her life. Put together well-planned dates. 

It means telling her things like ‘I know the best Chinese place. Pick you up at 8’ instead of ‘Oh, I don’t know anything, where do you want to go?’

It’s charming when a man takes control, and women appreciate this much more than you realize.

14. Always be Presentable

What do you notice at first instance, when you see someone? Their dressing.

To look presentable, you don’t need to spend much money. Your choice of good clothes and your behavior defines your good looks.

Dressing well is definitely going to help you to make an everlasting impression. 

After all, in order to make her stay for long and impress her with your conversation, you need to make her want to stay.

15. Help Her Discover Herself

A good woman always looks for a man who is genuinely interested in getting to know her and supports her overall growth.

A woman can easily sense when a man is interested in all of her, be it her heart, mind, or emotions. 

A girl notices little things that a man does, and these little things become the key that leads her to be impressed by you.

For instance

  • Ask questions about her rather than talking about yourself all the time. 
  • Do not interrupt her while she’s telling you a story. 
  • Ask follow-up questions instead of involving something of your own.

Always try to encourage her to pursue her ambitions. It will strengthen your partnership with her so that when it’s time for her to fulfill your emotional needs, she does it with equal enthusiasm.

Other Bonus Tips to Impress a Girl

  • Respect her.
  • Listen to her.
  • Don’t touch her unnecessarily.
  • Be a gentleman.
  • Avoid smoking in front of her.
  • Help her in any situation.

So these are the best and effective ways to impress a girl.

Now what if you want to impress an unknown girl you just saw? Follow these tips for the same.

How to impress an unknown girl?

To impress an unknown girl, you have to follow a slightly different approach.

1. Show Confidence: Confidence is the first thing a girl notices whenever a guy talks to her.

You may get nervous, and it’s normal. Don’t overthink, as it can make things hard. Just take a deep breath and relax.

Think that you already know her. By doing this, you will feel more confident.

2. Look into her eyes: When you start talking to her, look into her eyes. Don’t look here and there while talking. 

If you keep looking anywhere else and avoid eye contact, then she may get the thought that you are afraid of talking.

3. Put a smile on your face: While talking to her, put a smile on your face. A smile is the best way of letting her know that you have a positive personality. 

It also conveys that you are excited and feeling happy in her company.

4. Start with casual talk: Never start with “hey, I like you and want to date you”. It will end things even before they start.

You have to start with a casual talk. 

You shall try to make her friend first. Then try to make her comfortable so that she doesn’t hesitate to talk to you.

5. Make her feel comfortable: When you start talking, try to make her feel comfortable. If you do, she will talk to you positively.

Also, try to make her laugh while keeping your conversation casual. It will show your sense of humor and escalate the chances of leaving her impressed.

Now, if you are thinking about how you can make her feel comfortable, then you can read these tips on how to make a girl feel comfortable with you.

6. Compliment her: You can also compliment her smile, hair, dress, etc. Give a genuine compliment as it’s a sign that you are really noticing her.

Follow all these tips, and there are high chances that she will not reject you. For some reason, if she does, ask her to be your friend, and you can try to impress her later.

FAQs on How to impress a girl

How can I impress a girl without talking to her?

If you want to impress a girl without talking, then you have to look good and attractive because your looks and personality will be the first noticeable things. Some Tips are:

  1. Dress well because It will improve your personality.
  2. Stay hygiene because it will make you look attractive.
  3. Don’t use offensive body language.
  4. Give her a Smile.
  5. Make eye contact, but don’t stare at her.

How can I impress a girl in school?

  • Make eye contact with the girl you want to impress, but don’t stare at every other girl. 
  • Don’t flirt with other girls (A friendly talk is fine).
  • Help her with homework or any other school project. 
  • Talk to her politely. 
  • Try to be funny.   

How to Impress a girl if she already has a boyfriend?

If she already has a boyfriend, then it doesn’t mean that you should not talk to her. You can be her good friend.

But please, don’t do anything to break their relationship because it’s not the right way to get her attention.

Instead, help her, advise her, and have funny conversations.

So these were the best tips to impress a girl.

Now the things are in your hand. Make some effort and follow these tips. You will witness positive results very soon.

If you still have any questions in your mind, then feel free to ask in the comment section. We would love to help you.

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