How to impress a girl on chat

Do you want to impress a girl on chat? These tips will help you get into a long conversation with a girl.

In the online dating world, everything depends on the way you chat. 

If you already know how to keep conversation interesting with girls, then you are in luck. But if you don’t, then you will fail to get into a longer conversation.

The way you chat with a girl matters. Whether a girl will talk to you further or not depends on how you talk to the girl.

So, how can you work on it?

Here are some tricks on how to impress a girl on chat that you can follow easily and see positive results.

Make sure to do it first

Before you have a look at the tips, you must know this.

Make sure to choose the right platform to chat with a girl because the app or website you are using for online dating matters the most.

There are multiple dating apps where people come for serious dating.

But, there are some social media platforms where people just want to know about the happenings around the world. They don’t have any intention of dating.

So choose the right dating app so that your efforts don’t go into vain.

These tips are also applicable for those who want to impress a girl on WhatsApp or Facebook.

How to impress a girl on chat?

1. Make your profile interesting

When you text a girl, the first thing she will do is have a look at your profile. 

Before anything else, make sure to build an interesting profile. 

You can do a few things here:

  • Your profile should clearly describe you.
  • Be genuine, and feel free to share what kind of person you are interested in. 
  • Avoid writing filmy dialog in your bio. Instead, write a few lines about yourself.
  • Don’t put any random pic as your profile pic. Choose the best ones. It will grab the girl’s attention for sure.

Girls usually receive more messages compared to boys. Their inbox is always full of texts.

If she is getting 20 messages in a day, highly likely she will avoid replying to all those 20 messages. 

Instead, she will have a look at the profiles and talk to the guy whose profile looks the most interesting.

Put yourself in the same situation for a moment. If you find a girl’s profile interesting with an eye-grabbing bio and pics, then most probably, you will like, follow or text her. 

The same things apply to guys. If your profile is attractive, she will reply to you for sure.

2. Don’t hesitate to talk first

Girls usually don’t send the first text. So after you are connected, don’t be afraid of making the first move. 

Send her a message and let her know that you want to talk to her.

Instead of sending a simple Hi, you can add more to it. For example, hi, you are looking beautiful in pics, or something like that.

However, some girls prefer a simple Hi over anything else. So don’t write too much in the first text. 

Note that if she isn’t replying to you, then don’t text her again and again. Instead, text her two-three times at max. 

If she gives a reply, then you can talk further, but if she doesn’t, then don’t text her repeatedly. 

Texting her, again and again, can irritate her, and it shows how desperate you are.

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3. Ask open-ended questions

Excessive close-ended questions are the main culprit of killing a conversation.

Many guys fail to impress a girl on chat because they keep asking closed-ended questions and get replies as a Yes or No.

Ask open-ended questions that require a little more explanation. Here are a few examples:

  • What’s your plan for tonight.
  • What kind of career do you plan to pursue?
  • What makes you feel happy.

To answer these questions, a girl needs to add a little explanation. Such a kind of question keeps a conversation alive.

You can also ask close-ended questions, but keep these questions as minimum as possible. A few examples are:

  • Would you like to go to the movies tonight?
  • What did you have for dinner?
  • Are you a student?

4. Send memes

Memes are a great way of making anyone laugh. So why not use them to impress a girl on chat.

But does it really work?

Yes, it works if done now and then.

Sending too many memes can go off-topic. You are not supposed to be a memes creator.

Doing so may cause a thought in her mind that you are not interested because you are not typing anything but sending memes.

So, to be on the safer side, send memes at the right time.

Send it when you are having a casual conversation, but never send it in the middle or after a serious conversation.

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5. Be interesting and Caring

How to impress a girl on chat

Try to make the conversation interesting. 

Ask about her hobbies and let the conversation go related to that.

Don’t keep speaking about yourself. Let her tell you about herself too.

To make your conversation interesting, don’t rely too much on memes. Try to make her laugh naturally. 

You can pick any of the topics you were talking about and make a joke around it.

There are tons of topics to talk about. If you can’t discuss the same topic for longer, then change it.

On finding a topic of the same interest, you can continue with it for some time. But remember, interesting topics get bored with time, so keep trying new things.

Now, if you realize that she is also interested in you, then it’s time to make her feel special

To do so, you have to show some care for her and make her realize that you value her. However, you should not overdo it at the very beginning.

Showing little care and love makes a big difference. And this is what a girl always wants.

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6. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not

When you start talking to a girl, try to be genuine. 

Don’t try to be someone you are not. It could lead to many misunderstandings later.

You have a personality that separates you from others. Don’t fake it to impress a girl because you can’t continue it for longer.

Be what you are, and stick to it.

It has been found that many guys try to be over-smart to get noticed by the girl.

But in reality, a girl likes a genuine guy, not the one who tries to be over-smart very often.

Whether a girl likes you or not, you should stick to your personality. A temporary change doesn’t last long. So instead of changing yourself, be genuine.

7. Don’t ask the same thing over and over

Asking the same thing, again and again, gets quite frustrating.

What if a person keeps asking you the same thing again and again. What will happen then? Possibly, it will irritate you, and you may get angry at times.

If you do the same with a girl, it can entirely spoil her mood.

It also indicates that you are not listening to her properly, or you are not interested in listening to her.

So listen to her properly so that you never have to ask the same thing again.

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8. It’s okay to let a conversation die

Sometimes it’s completely okay to let a conversation die.

You can’t keep stretching it just to impress her.

If you do so, it will end up being a boring conversation.

When you have left no topic to talk about, you may start asking very pointless things, which will make the conversation dull.

So when you are out of ideas to talk about, just let the conversation die.

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FAQs on How to impress a girl on chat

How can I impress a girl in English?

If you don’t know how to talk to a girl in English, then you can start with a simple Hi. Before you proceed, keep a few things in mind.

  • Use of a translator always comes in handy.
  • Don’t make small grammatical mistakes. It can create a lot of confusion. 
  • Try to make sentences simple. Don’t make it complex. 
  • Use vocabulary. 

What should you text a girl?

When you are done asking, “Hi, how are you, what’s going on“, then try other things.

  • Ask about her hobbies and start talking about one of them. She would love to talk about it.
  • Try to be funny. Don’t copy and paste jokes, but try to involve jokes in your conversation.
  • You can also ask about any place she has visited or anything related to her profession.

How do I keep her interested?

Making her feel comfortable and be funny is the best way to keep her interested in you. Then comes the other things like being creative, behaving like a gentleman, looking good, and being caring. 

So, these are a few tips on how to impress a girl on chat. These tips are simple to follow but are effective.

What are your thoughts on these tips? Do you agree or disagree? Do share your thoughts with us.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

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