how to impress a boy

What could be the best way to know How to impress a Boy?

I am sure nothing can be better than asking it from a guy itself. A guy can reveal those little things that will help a girl to impress a boy. 

That’s what you are going to get here.

To be honest, impressing a boy is easier than impressing a girl. A boy has to make a lot more effort to impress a girl. On the other hand, girls have to make half of these efforts.

But the reality is, if you want to impress a genuine boy (who is not desperate for girls), then it’s a difficult thing.

A genuine guy looks for some genuine things in a girl. Maybe, he doesn’t want what other boys do. 

What are those things? You will get that in a moment.

Is it difficult to impress a boy?

Why would it be difficult if you have done everything right? In 90% of the cases, it’s not difficult. The remaining 10% are exceptional cases.

It depends on an individual. Everyone has their own way of liking someone. You have to figure it out.

If you know what he likes, then the probability to impress him will increase drastically.

So, impressing a boy is not difficult if you have done it right.

Best tips to Impress a Boy

Let’s know what could be the possible ways to impress a boy.

1. Take care of your appearance

No matter who you are, the first thing a boy is going to notice is your looks. Your looks and appearance will play the most important role to impress a boy.

But why is it important? Let’s imagine a situation where you go into the front of that guy, or he may be checking your profile on an online dating platform.

What will he notice first? All things aside, your appearance will be the first noticeable thing.

But wait, looking attractive doesn’t mean wearing a lot of makeup. Instead, put some light makeup that suits your skin color and doesn’t look fake at all.

A few things you can do to look attractive:

  • Stay hygienic
  • Use makeup that blend with your skin color
  • Get a hairstyle that suits you best
  • Dress well
  • Keep experimenting with your looks

2. Don’t forget to make eye contact

Look into her eyes

Never miss the chances of making eye contact with him. Making eye contact is the best way to let him know that you are interested in him.

If you do so, the boy will know that you have some feelings for him. If he also makes eye contact with you, then quite possibly, he is also interested in you.

When we make eye contact, our eyes say a lot of things. It’s a way of expressing our feelings without speaking anything.

Does it look like a romantic movie dialog? I know it is, but it’s real for the person who truly loves. For others, it is just a dialog.

On the other hand, if you are trying to approach him online, then keep liking his pictures, status, etc. If possible, then don’t hesitate to send him a message.

3. Don’t hesitate to talk first

The biggest mistake some girls make, they never talk first. I don’t know whether it’s an ego problem or shyness, but some girls never make the first move.

Now, why do you need to make the first move? Because it’s possible that some other girl is also trying to impress him.

What if she makes the first move? If she does, then you may end up getting nothing.

The possibility could be anything. Before you lose the opportunity and it gets too late, make the first move and talk to him.

I don’t recommend you to ask him for a relationship directly. What I recommend is to start talking casually to know about him.

4. Spend some time with him

Spend time together to impress a boy

If you ever get a chance to spend time with him, then never miss it. Either you are in college or working in the office, try to spend some time with the boy you want to impress.

If possible, then try to be with him when there is nobody around. If there is only both of you, then that’s the best moment to express your feelings. You can express your feeling in a better way, and it will help you to impress him.

It’s possible to get nervous, but once you start talking, you will start feeling comfortable with him.

Only both of you will be there to speak and listen. Nobody will interrupt you. That’s why try to spend some time with him alone.

5. Show some interest in him

Whenever you got into a conversation, show some interest in him. When you are attracted to a person, naturally you show interest. But in case if you don’t, then it’s not going to work as expected.

If you show interest, then he will know that you want to be a part of his life.

Now, how can you show interest in him?

The simplest way is, ask questions. The more you ask about him, the more you will get interested in him.

Ask about his hobbies, friends, family members, etc. If possible, then try to interact with the family members. It will create an emotional bond between you two which will eventually result in a good long-lasting relation.

6. Have a funny conversation

How to impress a boy easily

You can’t be serious all the time. Sitting together for hours without having a funny conversation is going to be boring.

You really need to get into a funny conversation.

Why? Because the more you have fun together, the more you will get comfortable with each other. Once you both get comfortable, you will spend more time together.

If you make him feel comfortable with you, then impressing him is going to be so easy for you.

7. Don’t ignore him

Many girls are habitual of ignoring boys. It’s good, but when it comes to the guy you want to impress, it’s not.

It doesn’t make any sense to ignore the boy you want to impress. I mean, how could it even be possible.

If you keep ignoring him, then how can you expect him to talk to you.

Yes, there is a trick of ignoring a guy. If you ignore a guy, he will possibly chase you. But, if you keep ignoring a genuine boy all the time, then he will never talk to you.

Nobody likes to be ignored by someone especially a genuine guy. That’s why you need to make him feel that you are interested in him, and it can’t be done by ignoring.

8. Reply to his texts

If he texts you, then give him a reply as soon as possible because nobody likes to wait for long.

When it comes to impress a boy, then you can’t let him wait for longer. If you are also online but replying him late, then it will work against you.

If you can’t talk for any reason, then it’s advised to tell him to talk later. It’s a better option instead of letting him wait.

Replying on time will make your conversation keep going on. And it’s a good sign.

9. Be yourself

Never pretend to be the person who you aren’t. It’s the most important thing which matters a lot when you want to impress a boy.

There is a high possibility that he likes someone. That someone can be a personality, his favorite actress, etc.

But remember, he only likes them, not loves them. So, if you want him to love you, then don’t copy others. Just be yourself.

You don’t need to change yourself just to make someone fall in love with you.

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So these were the tips you needed for How to impress a boy. If you follow these, you will definitely impress your dream boy.


How can you make a boy fall in love with you?

1. Take care of your appearance. Your appearance plays an important role to impress a boy.

2. Pay attention to your hygiene. Brush your teeth, cut or clean your nails, wear a dress that suits you best.

3. Have a smile on your face. You don’t need to be too serious. Boys usually don’t dare to talk if you keep looking serious all the time. So keep smiling.

4. Make eye contact because this is the best way to tell the boy that you are interested in him.

5. Talk politely to him and keep him interested in you.

How can I impress a boy without talking to him?

If you want to impress a boy without talking, then you need to take care of some most important things.

1. look the best: If you look best, then you will grab his attention. You don’t need to look different or wear a lot of makeup. All you need to do is wear clothes that suit you best.

2. Make eye contact: You really need to give signs that you are interested in him. Making eye contact is the best way to do so.

3. Pass a smile: When you both look at each other, pass him a smile. He will surely know that you are interested in him.

4. Appreciate him: Whenever you get a chance, appreciate his works.

5. Be confident: You really need to be confident if you want to impress him. Talk confidently, do all the tasks with confidence. When he is near you, don’t get nervous.  

How do u know if a boy loves you?

1. He will keep making eye contact with you. 
He will take care of you, just like a baby.
Whenever you need help, he will be there for you. 
4. He will keep teaching you what to do and what not. 
5. In the beginning, he may get nervous around you. 
6. He will remember everything you said. 
7. He will feel jealous when you are with other boys. 
8. He will treat you differently.

How can you make your bf happy?

1. Be loyal to him.
2. Don’t compare him with others. 
3. Appreciate him.
4. Make him feel comfortable with you. 
5. Take care of him. 
6. Show your love for him.

These were the most commonly asked questions. If you still have doubts, you can ask in the comments.

So, What are your opinions? Do you agree or disagree with the above-mentioned points? Please share your thoughts.

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