Happn App Review

The Happn App Review is based on real-life usage to make it as fair as possible.

In the crowd of dating apps, it’s hard to find a dating app that works differently.

The Happn app wants to help you to meet your soulmate in a different way. The concept is unique, but it also raises some worrying issues that can’t be ignored. Nobody speaks about these issues.

So, what are those issues? You will find those here in the Happn App Review.

I have been using the Happn app for 6 months. I used this app daily, and I have some mixed feelings about this app.

Check out below what good and bad I found about the Happn App.

About Happn App

Google Play store rating: 4.1

Total Happn Users: 70M+

Monthly New Users: 1.5M

Number of Messages send Per Day: 4.9M

The happn app was officially launched in January 2014. The headquarter is located in Paris, France. Within 6 years, the Happn app gained more than 70 Million users.

Now the Happn app is active in 40 countries. The majority of visitors are 25-34 years old and come from countries like the USA, UK, India, and Brazil.

Because Happn is a dating app, it’s rated for 18+ age group.

How to create Happn account

It will take a few seconds to create an account on the Happn app. Install the app from the app store or play store, and open the app.

Now you will see two options to create an account. Either by using Facebook or mobile number.

I will suggest you create an account using Facebook. Now enter your name, gender, email (if you want), and then upload your profile pic. The process is fairly simple and will take no time.

Once you have done all these, your account is ready to use now. 

How does Happn app works

The concept of the Happn app is unique. The more you go outside, the more you get matches.

Do you ever feel that you have seen your soulmate crossing your path, but you never get into a conversation because you have no source to do so?

In that case, the Happn app comes into play. If your soulmate is also using the Happn app, then you will get a notification saying that you have crossed paths with that person.

Profile in Happn App
Showing profiles you have crossed paths with

The app uses the geographical location and shows you the profile who crossed paths with you, and also the active profiles in your area.

Once you have crossed paths with each other, you will see two options to like or dislike. There is also an option to say Hello directly. This option is limited to only 2 Hellos for free. You can only send two Hello for free after you sign-up.

If the person you have liked, likes you back, then it’s a successful match. Now you can start your conversation.

Main Features of Happn app

Happn app offers a good amount of features. Some features are free, and others are paid.

The Free Features

  • Limited likes (You can like the profiles available in your area).
  • You can send unlimited text messages.
  • You will get two ‘Hello’ after signup.
  • Invisible mode for 8 hours.
  • Option to send voice messages to your match.
  • Option to sync Happn to Spotify account.

Now let’s move to the paid features offered by Happn.

The Paid Features

1. Happn Premium: This feature lets you send unlimited likes, gives you the ability to know who liked you, let’s you send 10 Hello per day, and allows you to control your privacy. And yes, you will see no ads while using this feature.

Pricing: The cost of Happn premium is 24.99 USD/Month for a one-month duration, 15 USD/Month (Total 89.99 USD) for six months, and 10 USD/Month (Total 119.99 USD) for 12 months.

Happn Premium in Happn App Review
Happn Premium

2. Schedule invisibility: If you don’t want to show your profile on the Happn app for a scheduled time, then this feature will help you to do so. This feature will turn off the geolocation, and your profile will be hidden for a specific interval of time. In the free version, you can use the Invisible mode for 8 hours, but you can’t schedule it.

Pricing: This feature is included in the Happn Premium. You don’t need to pay for it separately. 

3. Privacy controls: This feature lets you hide your age, last active date, and distance. If you don’t want to show any of your details, then you can use this feature.

Pricing: This feature is also included in the Happn Premium.

These were the main features (Both Free and Paid) of the Happn app.

Real life experience with the Happn app

I really appreciate the concept of this app. Even the features are also good.

But I think this app works better for those who go outside regularly. Now, what if you don’t go outside very often? What if you stay at the same place? What if you don’t live in major cities with a high population?

If you are in any of the above situations, then you are going to be disappointed with this app.


Because this app works well if you travel daily. When you travel regularly, then you will cross paths with many people.

I have been using this app for 6 months now, but I rarely get any matches. 

Why? Because I don’t live in a big city, and I usually don’t go outside.

If you live in a metro city or a high population area, then there will be high chances of matches because you will cross paths with a lot of people every day.

Yes, the app also shows the nearby profiles, but those people rarely notice you until you cross paths with them.

Another thing that I have noticed is that you are going to cross paths with the same person again and again. If you aren’t interested in that person, then still you are going to see that person daily. It happens when you travel via the same route everyday.

There is one more issue related to privacy. If you live in a house, and someone keeps crossing paths with you frequently, then that person may know your location.

I am not the only one who is facing these problems. A lot of people also have the same complaints.

Happn App Review: Pros and Cons


  • A huge number of users
  • A unique way of knowing people living in your area
  • A good amount of features
  • Best for those people who travel daily
  • High chances of matches if you live in a big city


  • Don’t work well for people living in a small town or rural area
  • You may get disappointed if you don’t travel regularly
  • You will see the same persons if you travel through the same route every day
  • Others may know your location

Happn App review: Conclusion

So now the question is, Who is this Happn app for?? 

I think you already know the answer. If you live in a high population city or you travel a lot in a bus/car/metro, then it is a great app for you. Even if you live in a crowded city, then you will get good results.

On the other hand, If you don’t do what is mentioned above, then you may not get a good result. Yes, you will get matches, but the numbers will be way lesser.

But wait…

I didn’t get a good result, so it doesn’t mean that you will not get it too. Your experience may vary depending on your location, and that’s why I will still recommend this app to everyone, no matter where you live.

So these were the main points I wanted to discuss with you in the Happn app review.

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Is Happn app safe?

An individual may know your location if you keep crossing paths at a particular place. But what I have experienced is, the app is mostly safe. It doesn’t show the exact place where you have crossed paths with, instead, it only shows that you are within the 250-meter radius.

Either it’s an issue or feature of this app, but you should know this before using Happn.

How many free hellos do you get on Happn?

Hello is a paid feature, but when you sign up for the first time, you get 2 free Hellos. Once you opt for Happn Premium, then you will get 10 Hellos per day. 

What is Happn Hello?

Hello in Happn is similar to Super like in other dating apps. ‘Hello’ can boost the chances of getting a reply. It’s a great way of letting your crush know that you want to talk.

It’s a paid feature, and you will get 2 Hellos for free after sign up.

Is Happn dating app free?

You can use sign up and use some basic features for free. But if you want to send Hellos or unlimited likes, want to know who liked you, and don’t want to see ads, then you have to pay.

So this was the Happn App review. Do you agree or disagree with the points discussed above? feel free to share your thoughts.

Now, I am sure that you have an idea about the Happn app. For any query or suggestion, leave a comment below.

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I hope you get what you were looking for. If this article helped you, then share it with others.

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  1. For one thing, you get 10 FlashNotes per day if you pay for Premium, there are no more Hellos. And male users are certain to get nowhere if they do not pay, as this app has monetized aggressively. Most important to note that Happn only continues to get your money if you DON’T find someone to be with. And the app is carefully designed to limit your chances. For example:

    Happn puts your FlashNotes in the recipient’s notifications section of the app, which most users ignore because of the daily spam notifications. And those spam notifications quickly displace your FlashNote, so that it is unlikely to ever be seen. This is totally by design. The goal is to limit your new contacts so you keep paying for longer. If you find someone and leave, they lose a paying customer.

    This behaviour is only made possible by lack of competition in dating apps, caused by Match Group having been allowed to purchase nearly every important dating app over the years (antitrust violation?) and appears to be working in cooperation with the few apps that remain (and which are probably hoping to sell out to Match Group too at some point).

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