Hago App Review

After using the Hago app for more than a year, we have found it great for making new friends. And yes, you can use it for dating also. More on that in this Hago App review.

There are tons of dating apps available nowadays, and most of them work almost similarly. 

Some apps have tried to distinguish the way of connecting people, but in the end, everything feels familiar with just a different UI.

But how about an app that lets you make new friends while playing games?

It’s not a unique way anymore, as many apps have adopted the same strategy, but it was a completely different concept back in the days when the Hago app was launched.

We have tested this app and found it very interesting. So here is our Hago App Review.

Note: The Hago app is now banned in India due to some privacy issues. If you are an Indian user, you won’t be able to use this app anymore.

What is Hago app?

Hago is an app that lets you play hundreds of games and make new friends in one place.

The Hago app has evolved, and now there are tons of features added in recent times.

The main highlight of the app is that you can talk to other people while playing or by the end of games. You can add them as friends and play games later.

It’s a great way of making new friends while playing games.

Is Hago a dating app?

We know Hago is a gaming-centric app where you can play numerous games. But you can also use it as a dating app.


While using the Hago app, we have noticed that other than playing games, its functionality is similar to a dating app.

A dating app lets you connect with others through text or call and helps you find a partner.

The Hago app did the same, at least in our case.

We had good conversations with a lot of people on this app. Later, things went even further, just like a dating app.

It also depends on the way you talk to the other person. If you do it right, you could get a dating partner. 

So, with the right skillsyou can use the Hago app as a dating app.

Hago App Review

Let’s dive into the review now and know if the Hago app is worth your time or not.

About Hago

Total Users: 100M+
Google Play Store Rating: 4.2
Hago Age Group: Mature 17+
Free: Yes
Pricing: In-App Purchases

With such a vast number of users and good star ratings, the Hago app has become one of the most popular apps for playing games and meeting new people.

But, does this popularity live up to expectations? We are about to find that.

How to Download Hago App?

Hago app is banned in countries like India. So Indian users can’t download it.

But users from countries like the USA, Philippines, and others can use this app.

You can visit this link or simply search the Hago app on Google play store or Apple store and then install it.

An account is needed to use the app. Creating an account is simple as you can sign up using Facebook or Google.

The signup process doesn’t take any time.

Hago games

Reviewing the Hago app without talking about the Hago games is unfair.

The Hago app is mainly known for its games. Its a collection of 200+ mini-games that you can play with other players.

Sheep fight game in Hago app
Sheep Fight Game

The Hago app is full of interesting games. Games are short, and you are not going to bore.

Some popular games are Sheep fight, Knife hit, Brain quiz, Ludo, Pirates coming, Crazy cricket, Blaster shooter, and so on.

Hago app gets time to time updates and new games are added frequently. Just because of these games, the Hago app is so popular.

Free Features of Hago app

Hago app comes with a lot of features. Some free features of this app are

Chat room in Hago
Chat room in Hago App
  • Ability to communicate with your opponent: All you have to do is, turn the mic on and you are good to go. There is a mic icon on top of every game, you have to tap on it to turn it on or off. You can send different emojis or customize messages during the game. After playing game, you can like opponent, chat with them or add them as a friend.
  • Shop and Coins: There is a option of Shop and Coins. But, why do you need coins? Because there are a few games in Hago app where you have to invest coins to play. If you win the game, you will be credited with double the number of coins you have invested.
  • Chat Rooms: The chat room is basically a collection of groups. Whatever group you want to join, you can do so by just clicking on any group name. You can leave these groups any time.
  • Hago recharge: You can also recharge your mobile using the Hago app. In exchange for 18000 coins, you will get $0.67 mobile recharge vouchers. For 38000 and 78000 coins, you will get $1.34 and $2.68 mobile recharge vouchers respectively.
Shop and Coins
Things you can buy in exchange of Coins

So these were the top free features of the Hago app. These features make the user experience a lot better, and you will love using these.

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Hago App Review- Changes After Recent Updates

The recent updates in the Hago App brought some new features.

Now, just for opening the app, you will get 100 coins. If you play any game, you will get another 100 coins.

For better understanding, take a look at the image below.

Latest update in the Hago App
Latest update in the Hago App

Real life experience with the Hago App

No app is perfect, and you can’t get everything right in an app. It’s the same case here in the Hago app. I had both good and bad experiences with the Hago app.

Let’s talk about it.

The Good Experience

  • I am using Hago App for about one year now. I made a lot of new friends here.
  • The feature of talking to other people while playing games is cool and addictive. This is the reason why I am using this app for so long now.
  • When I get bored of one game, I switch to another games easily. It’s great to have so many games to play.
  • The UI is also good, and it’s getting better with the updates.

The Bad Experience

Recently a new feature called “Channel” is added to the app. This is basically a group where people come and talk to each other.

  • What I found is, most of the people are talking vulgar in the group. Obviously, these are the fake channels to get more followers.
  • Second issue is with mobile recharges. I tried to recharge my mobile 2-3 times. It deducted the coins but never recharged my mobile number.
  • One more worth mentioning thing is the loading time. Some games take too much time to load and end up saying loading failed.

Conclusion- Hago App Review

The Hago app is fun to use. I have met a lot of people here. The app gets frequent updates that optimize the app experience.

Yes, there are a few issues with the Hago Dating App, but these can be resolved with the updates.

So the question is, should you try the Hago app?

The answer is yes. You should definitely try this app.

Pros and Cons

In my Hago App Review, I found some pros and cons of this app.


  • Tons of great games to play
  • Voice chat while playing games
  • Good User Interface
  • Frequent updates
  • Earn money on each referral
  • Great concept of connecting with people


  • Some games doesn’t load even with good internet connection
  • Frequently lost connection in a few games
  • Mobile recharge vouchers doesn’t work properly
  • Some groups are vulgar


How many games are there in Hago?

As of now, there are 150+ games in the Hago app. A few months back, there were only 50 games, but now with the new updates, they keep adding more and more games.

What is the use of Hago app?

You can use the Hago app to play games. If you don’t want to play games then you can discover people and chat with them.

It means that you can use this app for dating also. You can also join the channels and talk to other people in groups.

So this is the Hago App Review. Do you agree or disagree with this review? Do share your thoughts.

If you have any query, then feel free to ask in the comments.

So what are you waiting for? Try this app for free and meet new people.

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Now I hope you have found this review helpful. If yes, then you can share it with others to let them know about the Hago app.

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