Aisle app review

The Aisle App review is based on real-life usage to make it as fair as possible.

As people are showing interest in online dating, more dating apps are coming into existence. The Aisle Dating App is also one of those apps.

Possibly you are searching for someone to date and have decided to give this app a try. 

But wait, this app is not what you are thinking. There is something else that you need to know. And possibly, it might change your mind.

So what’s that mind-changing thing? Is it that big of an issue.

And, Should you use the Aisle app over other popular dating apps?

Let’s find it out in the Aisle Dating App review.

About Aisle App

The Aisle app came with the concept of connecting Indians worldwide. The tagline is The Dating App for Indians.

But it doesn’t mean that the app is not working in other countries. You can use this app in other countries also.

The Aisle app aims to serve as a middle path between traditional matrimony websites & casual dating applications for Indians from around the world.

Total Users: 1.5M +

Average Rating: 4.4 ★

Free to use: Yes

Content rating: Mature 17+

In-app Products: Rs.150- Rs.2500 ($1.99 – $62.40) per item

Sign-up process

Aisle app review - signup

Once you download the Aisle app(Play Store/App Store), It’s too easy to signup. You can signup using Facebook or your phone number.

If you signup using Facebook, then the app can fill in the basic information automatically. You can also fill this information manually.

After you fill in the details, move to the next steps, which are adding at least two photos, entering the remaining information like your height, relationship status, habits, etc.

Once you are done, your account is now ready to use.

Features in Aisle App

The features are divided into two segments, Free and Paid. So what exactly will you get for free or paid? Let’s find out.

The Free Features in Aisle App

For free, you will get

  • 13 right swipes for 12 hours, which means you can right swipe 26 times in 24 hours.
  • You can right swipe Indians living internationally if you don’t want to meet local Indians.
  • You can see the name of the persons who liked your profile, but you can’t do anything more. To see their profiles, either it should be a match, or you should be a paid member.

And that’s it. You will get nothing more than these features for free. That’s where the actual problem begins.

But before we talk about the problems, let’s talk about the paid features.

The Paid Features in Aisle App

The paid subscription allows you to

  • Send 5 invites daily, Send unlimited likes, see who likes you, start conversation, and see more preferences.
  • Send message: Yes, you heard it right. If you are a guy and you are matched with a girl, you need to pay to send the first message. Or you can wait for the girl to start the conversation because it’s free for girls.
  • Concierge: It’s a separate feature that lets Aisle suggest you handpicked matches all in one place. It means the Aisle will suggest the exact profile according to your interest. Your likes will be seen sooner, and you will get a badge. Also, the other premium features are included in it.

That’s all you will get in the paid subscription.


Premium• Send 5 invites daily
• Send unlimited likes
• See who likes you
• Start conversations
• Set more preferences
• Rs 799 for 1 Month
• Rs 499/month for 3 months
(Total: Rs 1499)
• Rs 416/month for 6 months
(Total: Rs 2499)
Concierge• All premium features included
• Get more priority
• Get personalized matches
• Concierge badge
• Rs 2499 for 30 days

Why should you use Aisle Dating App?

  • Are you looking for a serious relationship? Then Aisle is a good option because when a girl starts the conversation, then most of the time, it ends up being a serious relationship.
  • Are you fed with fake profiles on other dating apps, then try Aisle because the fake profiles are very less here.
  • If you want to date only Indians from India or around the globe, then this app is for you.  
  • If you are ready to pay, then Aisle could be your next go-to dating app.

Why shouldn’t you use Aisle Dating App?

  • The first obvious reason is, if you can’t pay, then don’t use this app because there is literally nothing for free on Aisle.
  • if you don’t have the patience to start the conversation for free, then it’s better to skip this app.
  • If you want to meet foreigners along with Indians, then this app is not for you.

The Truth you should know

Did you notice the Aisle’s tagline, The Dating App for Indians?

Do you know what actually happens in India?

In India, nearly 90% of the guys are curious to start the conversation. Whenever a girl and a boy are matched, 90% of the time, a guy starts the conversation. 

And this is where this app played well. They know guys are too curious to send the first text, so why not make them pay for it.

That’s why only guys have to pay to start the conversation which is a kind of partiality.

Now if you might be thinking that this concept is unique, but in reality, it’s not. It’s copied from the Bumble app.

Another thing is their paid subscription. What if someone is looking for true love, but he isn’t able to pay the money.

Aisle doesn’t care about it because you will get only a few right swipes for free.

Pros and Cons

Every app has some pros and cons, and the Aisle app is no different.


  • Great app for serious relationships.
  • App for Indians.
  • Good UI.
  • Paid features offer a great value.
  • Less fake profiles.


  • Mostly every feature is paid.
  • Guys can’t start the conversation.
  • Only a few right swipes for free.
  • The like and dislike buttons aren’t placed symmetrically.

Aisle Dating App Review: Conclusion

The best possible way to summarize the Aisle app for guys is “Use the Aisle app if you have patience or money.”

If you can’t pay or don’t have patience, then there is no point in using the Aisle app because you will hardly talk to any girl.

In that case, other apps like OkCupid could be a better option for you.

On the other hand, if you are a girl, then it could be one of the best dating apps for you because most of the things are in girl’s hand.


Is Aisle app free?

It’s free just for the name. Most of the features are paid. For free, you will get only a few right swipes.

How do I send a message on Aisle?

If you are a guy and want to start the conversation, then you need to pay. Once paid, you can send a message by simply opening the profile.

If you are a girl, then it’s free for you to send messages.

Is Aisle a good app?

Yes, it’s a good app. There are a lot of success stories available on their website that can motivate you to use this app.

Free features aside, it’s a great app if you are looking for a serious relationship.

Is it worth paying for the Aisle app?

Yes, it is. Because nearly every feature is available in the paid subscription, it’s worth paying for it.

Is Aisle app safe?

The Lemon dating app doesn’t require you to enter any email, number, or anything else to log in. It leads to too many fake profiles.

But that’s not the case with the Aisle app. Here you need to enter your number or email, and then you need to confirm it. Because of it, there are only fewer fake profiles.

Also, your data is kept securely on the server. So overall, the Aisle dating app is safe to use.

For added security, don’t share your personal details with anyone until you know them better.

So this was the Aisle App Review. Do you agree or disagree with the points mentioned above? Please share your thoughts.

If you still have any query, then feel free to ask in the comments.

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