Why Tantan App is Not Working

If you are using the Tantan app, then probably from the last 3-4 months you might have noticed that the Tantan app is not working, especially in India.

Millions of users were using the app and then suddenly it stopped working. They didn’t know what exactly happened with the Tantan app.

A lot of people thought it could be an issue with the app, so they tried reinstalling it. But when they searched it on the play store, they didn’t find it anymore.

So Why Tantan App is Not Working anymore? Is Tantan Banned?

You will get answers to all these questions here.

Why Tantan App is Not Working?

It seems like the popular dating apps are getting vanished from the market.

First, one of the most popular dating apps Sweet Chat stopped working, and now, it’s the Tantan app that has stopped working.

Sweet chat isn’t working around the globe while Tantan isn’t working in India.

Now let’s talk about the reason why the Tantan app is not working.

Last year, the Tantan app was suspended due to some policy violations. Later the company rectified the issues and the apps made a return.

But this time, it doesn’t seem the same case.

Back in September, The Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology released a list of 118 mobile apps that are banned in the country.

Unfortunately, the Tantan app was on the list of banned apps. This means the Tantan will no longer work in India until the ban lifts off

Until then you can’t use this app anymore.

Now possibly you may have some doubts. So let’s clear all of your doubts.

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Is Tantan Banned?

  • Yes, the popular dating app Tantan is now banned in India. But it’s available in other countries.

Why Tantan app is banned?

  • Due to India-China issues, The Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology banned the Tantan app with 117 other apps. All these apps were China-Affiliated, that’s why Indian government banned these apps.

What are the Best Tantan alternatives?

There are a lot of dating apps that are a good alternative to the Tantan app. Check this list of best and free dating apps that can be used instead of Tantan.

So these were the reasons behind the Tanan app not working.

If you still have any questions, then feel free to ask in the comments.

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