What to Talk with a Girl Online

As many of the people are interested in online dating, there can be a situation where you start a conversation, but then you don’t know what to talk with a girl online.

Now, what to do in that situation?

Before I share some tips, you really need to know a few things.

When you are using any online dating apps, you will meet a lot of different kinds of girls.

If you think that a particular line will work for every girl, then you might be wrong.

It’s not about a particular line, but it’s about a particular thing. The things that you can ask every girl.

These things will help you to get into a long conversation.

What to Talk with a Girl Online

Now, if you are done introducing yourself, it’s time to ask something else to get into a conversation.

1. Ask about her Interests or Hobbies

What do you do in your free time? What are your hobbies? 

After having some conversation, it’s better to ask about her interests or hobbies.

After having a little conversation, you can ask about her interests. If she is talking to you, then she will share her hobbies and interests with you.

It’s a great of getting into a conversation. 


Suppose you both have a common interest or hobby. It’s a great thing, because both of you can talk about it, and shares your thoughts. 

2. Ask about the day, share your experiences

How was your day? Did you do anything interesting today?

You can also ask these questions when you don’t know what to talk to a girl.

If she is interested, she will share her experience of the day.

It’s a great way of knowing each other and making your conversation long.

3. Talk something funny

When you know about her hobbies or interests, then pick any topic from those, and make it funny if possible.

Even while having a casual conversation, try to be funny.

You can tell anything funny related to her hobbies.

If you do so, she will interact with you more friendly. Once you get friendly, you can have a long conversation.

talking to a girl online
Try to have a funny conversation

4. The reason why she is here

Why are you on this app? What kind of people you are looking for?

After having a little conversation, you can ask these questions from her.

Avoid asking this in the beginning. Instead, talk a little about anything else and then ask this.

Instead of asking vulgar questions and judging her, you can simply ask the reason why she is on this dating app.

5. Ask about her behavior

What kind of person you are? What things make you happy or angry?

These questions will help you to know about here nature. Then you will have an idea that she is friendly or short-tempered.

You should avoid asking non-relevant questions because you don’t know her nature.

Instead of asking her some stupid questions, you can directly ask about her behavior or nature.

6. Don’t just say bye

It was nice to talk to you. See you later or tomorrow. 

These kinds of lines will help you to get into a conversation next time. Instead of saying just bye, you can add these lines.

These are a few things that you can add to the conversation when you don’t know what to talk with a girl online. 

These topics will surely help you to get into a long conversation.

Note: Keep in mind that every girl has her own perspective. You can’t force any girl to talk to you online. 

If she is not replying to your text, then you can’t force her. 

If she is not replying, you can make your profile interesting so that she can’t ignore you. 

In this situation, you really need some online dating tips. These tips will surely help you to get a match fast.


How do you keep a conversation going with a girl online?

1. Ask her interests and hobbies. 
2. Ask questions related to her lifestyle. 
3. Ask what kind of people she likes or dislikes.
4. Ask about how the day went.
5. Ask about her family and friends. 
6. If she lives at the place that you have visited, then you can share your experience.

What are the topics to talk with a girl?

1. Her hobbies.
2. Her interests.
3. Her likes and dislikes.
4. Her favorite things like food, dress, Actor, etc.
5. Ask about the day.
6. Her good and bad experiences of life. 
7. About her family members.
8. Her favorite place.

What are the interesting topics?

1. Vacations. 
2. Your new gadget.
3. Favorite places.
4. Favorite food.
5. Few things from your daily lifestyle like what you did today.
6. Your interests.

I know these are simple things but, believe me, these things work for real. All these worked for me.

If you add these things to your conversation, you will have long talks for sure.

For any question or suggestion, drop a comment below.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you do, you can share it with others.

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