What Kind of Guys do Girls Like

Have you ever want to know what kind of guys do girls like?

This question may come in your mind when you see a couple holding their hands.

Every girl has a different view of liking or disliking a guy.


There are a lot of common things that every girl wants in her guy.

I have explained all these things. After reading these, you will have a better idea of what kind of guys do girls like.

So, let’s moves to the main point.

What Kind of Guys do Girls Like

1. A hygiene guy

Will you live with a girl who doesn’t take a bath for days, doesn’t cut her nails properly, wear unwashed clothes for days? 

I am pretty sure you will not. 

This applies to the boys also. A girl will never want to live with a person who doesn’t keep himself clean.

It’s not a big thing to do. It is a very simple thing that makes a good impression on others. 

Keeping yourself clean will make you look attractive, and any girl will love to live with an attractive guy. If you are interested, then you can read our article on How to Look Attractive.

2. A guy having a good personality

Skin Color doesn’t matter, but your personality does.

A person with a good personality always look attractive, and most of the girls like those guys who have a good personality.

The very basic things that you can do to improve your personality is, wear the clothes that suit you best, be well-groomed, Shape and comb your beard properly, use deodorant, etc.

All these simple things can boost your personality. You can also improve your walking and sitting posture.

3. A confident guy

Being confident with your girl is one thing, but imagine the situation when you are with a girl and have to deal with other people.

In that situation, you need to be confident.

A girl always likes the guy who has enough confidence to deal with other people.

Now coming to the girl, you also need to be confident with her. You can be too shy or too nervous.

Whatever you say, speak with confidence. Speaking with confidence doesn’t mean that you have to speak loudly. It simply means that your voice should not falter.

4. A Loving and caring person

Believe it or not, but being a caring person is one of the most important things a girl likes in a guy.

What a girl really needs from a guy? Obviously, love and care. All other things come later, but love and care come on top.

A girl gets a lot of love and care from his father. Later, she looks for the same from the guy she is going to live with.

If you are giving her the same love and care, she will never leave you.

Girls like loving and caring guys
Girls like loving and caring guys

5. The person who doesn’t compare his girl with others

Nobody likes to be compared with others.

A girl also doesn’t like it if you compare her with others. If you have such a habit, then you need to overcome it.

Nobody is perfect in this world. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. The person who always compare people spend his whole life in comparing others.

So stop comparing otherwise she is not going to live happily with you.

6. The person who respects all

If you respect a girl, then surely she will have a place in her heart for you.

But, what about others?

You can’t show respect only for her and disrespect all. There will be a lot of people in her circle. So, you should respect them all.

It’s not only her circle, but you should also respect all, either you know those people or not. Respecting all people is the sign of a gentleman.

7. The person who makes her laugh

A funny person always grabs the attention of other people.

A girl loves to spend time with a guy who makes her laugh.

There can be a lot of situations in life when a girl feels sad, tired, or fed up. At that moment, if you make her laugh, then it can completely change her mood.

You can’t be so serious all the time. Nobody wants to live with a person who doesn’t have funny moments.

8. A guy who can control his anger

There can be a situation when she makes a mistake. What will you do at that moment? Will you fight with her? Or, Will you shout at her?

No, don’t be such a person. She is not with you to fight. She is with you for love, care, and respect.

Instead of fighting, you should talk like a gentleman and make her understand. Talk politely to her and tell her not to make mistakes again.

9. A person who knows his priorities

You should know your priorities. Everyone has friends and family. You should know at what time, who needs more priority.

If you are with your friends, then they can be your priority.


When you are with your girl, then she is your priority. If she is with you, then you can’t leave her alone and go anywhere else.

Girls like Guy who make her feel special
Girls like Guy who make her feel special

10. A responsible person

Girls like guys who know their responsibility.

You can’t run away from these.

At one point in life, you have to take responsibility. Being childish is a good thing, but with that, you also need to be responsible.

11. A person who have time for her

A girl needs your time more than anything.

Why would a girl live with you if you don’t have time for her?

Even if you had a busy day, spend some lovely moments with her, at least at night. You can go for dinner, a movie, or hang out together.

She may be waiting for you all day long. If you spend time with her, it will make her feel more special

There can be some tired situations when you can’t give her time. This is fine but only sometimes, not always.

12. A person who has a future plans

You should have plans for the future.

If you are planning to live with a girl, then you should let her know your plans.

You don’t need to describe everything in detail, but just a little idea is enough.

You can share how are you going to live with her? Where are you going to live? You can also share your plan for your career.

All these things will clear your intentions, and she will feel secure.

13. A guy who shows love, not lust

It’s becoming common nowadays. There are a lot of guys who only want to get close physically.

Usually, girls don’t like such a type of guy who only wants to get into the bed.

A loyal and genuine girl likes the guy who shows love.

Getting attracted physically is another thing, but firstly, a girl will look for love, not lust.

Girls like guys who shows love
Girls like guys who shows love

14. A guy who flirts with his girl, not with everyone

You can flirt with the girl you want to live with.

It’s fine because she is the one you are going to live with.


You can’t do the same thing with every other girl. If you do, it can destroy your relationship.

Girls like loyal and genuine guys. Loyalty is the base of a strong relationship. So if you want to make a girl like you, then you need to be loyal.

15. A positive person

There are a few people who always stay positive in their life.

Positivity matters a lot, and it can change your life. It fills you with confidence, shows positive vibes on your face, makes you look more attractive.

If you are positive, you can make others positive too. You can handle any situation with ease, and girls love these types of people.

So, if you have the above hobbies, then girls will like you for sure. If not, then you can work on these hobbies.


What kind of man a woman needs?

When it comes to spending the whole life with a man, a lot of women expect a lot of things.
But, The most common expected things are love, care, support, romance, maturity, respect, polite nature, and confidence.

What does a girl notice first about a guy?

Before answering this, tell me, What do you notice first about a girl? It’s physical appearance. You can’t see her heart for the first time.
It’s the same case with a girl. A girl usually sees your physical appearance. She will notice your face, hair, beard, clothes, body, height, etc.

These were the most common things a girl look in a guy. So now if you have question What Kind of Guys do Girls Like? The answer is given above.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

These things are not unique or hard to follow. These are the simple tips that everyone can follow. If you have these abilities in you, girls will like you for sure.

I hope this article helped you to know what kind of guys do girls like. If yes, then you can share it with others.

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