What Kind of Girls do Guys Like Most

What kind of girls do guys like most? This is the question struck in the mind of many girls.

To be honest, some girls never be single because they know what a guy likes in a girl.


Some girls try their best but never get into a relationship. These girls always think what kind of girls do guys like most?

Every guy has a different way of liking a girl because it’s a personal need.

But, there are a few common things that most of the guys like in a girl. 

If you want to know what kind of girls do guys like most, then here are a few tips to all girls from a guy.

1. A Simple girl

If you think the guys only like the most fashionable girl, then you are wrong to some extent.

A guy prefers a simple girl over a fashionable girl. Yes, wearing fashion is a good thing and boys like that too, but only to some extent.

There are many guys who don’t prefer girls having too much fashion. They just prefer the girl who dresses well and looks simple.

It also depends on the geographical location. Most boys prefer simple girls in a country like India.

On the other hand, western countries have their own culture and fashion, and the boys prefer that in those countries.

2. Girl who smiles

Now, this doesn’t have any concern with the location. Guys always prefer a girl who smiles.

There are some girls who always in a serious mood and never smile.

A smiley face looks most beautiful and attractive. It’s a simple thing, but it matters a lot. So keep a smile on your face, and don’t give that serious horror look.

3. A responsible girl with a good understanding

Guys love the girls who can take responsibilities and stand by his side.

If you have childish nature then it’s completely fine. Your guy will love it, but he will love it even more when you are responsible at the same time.

With that, you also need to understand things. If your man doesn’t come home and don’t talk for some reason, then try to understand the reason instead of spying.

4. A Girl who knows where to show attitude or ego

Most of the girls born with attitude or ego. Having some attitude is good, but show it when it needs.

You can’t show attitude to everyone all the time. If a guy asking you something gently and you are showing attitude and not responding, then he will never ask anything to you again.

If someone molests you or tell anything wrong, then showing attitude and not responding is completely fine. Even this is the best thing that you can do at that moment.

But don’t show attitude to the guy who is politely talking to you.

Guys like girls who smiles
A smiling face always look attractive

5. A funny girl

A funny girl always attracts the attention of guys. Even guys also like the company of a funny girl.

You can’t be so serious all the time. There will be a lot of moments in life where you have to sit with many people like your family, friends, etc.

If you have a funny nature, you will always grab the attention of others.

6. Girl who talks politely

No boy will like to talk to a girl who always talks rudely.

You can talk rudely all the times just because they are boys. Boys don’t like such a kind of girls.

What if a boy introduces you to his family? Will you be rude at that time? No, you can’t be, because your way of talking matters a lot.

7. A loyal Girl

Either girl or boy, all want to live with a loyal person. 

A guy likes a loyal girl the most. It doesn’t matter how was your past because nobody can change that. 

But, if you are in a relationship with a boy, then you have to be loyal.

A boy doesn’t like that his girl talks to another guy. Even some boys don’t like that his girl talks to his male friend. If you have a friend circle having male friends in it, then make it clear with your guy. Guys love these kinds of girls.

8. A loving and caring girl

Everyone wants love and care from their partner. This applies to the guys also.

A guy always likes a loving and caring girl.

Most of the men prefer to live with a girl who knows how to take care of him.

But, it doesn’t mean you call your man every thirty minutes just to show care.

Guys like loving girls
It’s great to be loving and caring

9. Who makes him feel perfect for her

Nobody is perfect in this world. If you make your guy feel that he is perfect for you, he will love to live with you.

Everyone has weaknesses but you have to overlook that. Show your love and care and make him feel that he is the right guy for you.

10. A positive girl who can motivate him

There are always ups and downs in life.

A guy needs a girl who can motivate him when facing a bad time.

To motivate him, firstly, you need to be positive. Most of the guys love motivated girls.

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So, these were the most common things a guy likes in a girl.

Once you adopt these things in life, you will start to see the changes and then, you will never ask what kind of girls do guys like most.


What features do guys find most attractive?

Everyone has their own taste. But in many cases, it is found that most of the guys prefer full lips, high forehead, small chin, small nose, high cheekbones, and clear and smooth skin.

How can I look more attractive to guys?

1. Look the best you can.
2. Don’t overdo makeup because many guys find it weird.
3. If you wear makeup, then it should be matching with your skin.
4. Wear a red dress.
5. Improve your walking style.
6. Put on sunglasses.
7. Style your hair in the best way possible.

What guys like about girls?

Mostly guys like a lot of things about girls. A few are facial look, calm behavior, smiley face, sense of humor, childish behavior, loving and caring nature, loyalty, and way of talking.

That’s how can look attractive to boys. If you follow these steps, you are going to look more attractive for sure.

For any question, drop a comment.

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