Online Dating Tips for Guys

Many guys are struggling to get matches online. If you are also the one, then here are the online dating tips for guys that can help you to get a match and find real love.

There are thousands of dating apps and websites available, and millions of people are using these to find real love.

Sometimes it becomes hard for guys to even get a match on some popular dating apps.


Because a girl gets a lot of likes in a day, and she doesn’t care about all the guys. In this case, you need to stand out.

But How?

I will tell you here. I am going to share my personal online dating tips with you.

So, are you the one who is looking to get a match and find love online?

If yes, Then here are the ultimate online dating tips for guys to get a match as soon as possible.

Why you need Online Dating Tips?

It’s the era of online dating. Many people are shifting towards online dating because it gives a ton of options to choose from.

So if you also want to make your presence in online dating, then you need some online dating tips.


Just creating an account is not enough. You have to stand out from the crowd. For that, you need these online dating tips.

11 Ultimate Online Dating Tips for Guys

It’s time to know what are the things that you can do to get a match fast and meet your real love.

1. Choose The Right Platform

top Online Dating Tips for Guys

The biggest mistake a lot of guys make is choosing the wrong platform for online dating.

See, to reach your destination, you have to choose the correct route. A wrong path will lead you to the wrong destination. 

That’s the same case with online dating. There are thousands of dating apps and websites. If you choose the wrong app or website, you will never get what you were looking for.

Also, there are a lot of people who always do scams with innocent people. 

That’s why you must need to choose the right platform for online dating.

Now, If I want to meet new girls, then what should I do? If I choose Facebook for that, then It might be a wrong decision because all people are using Facebook, and it doesn’t show any intention of dating.

On the other hand, If I choose dating apps or websites, then it clearly shows the intention of dating. Here, the chances of getting a date are very high. 

Pro Tip: Use multiple dating apps and websites. Relying on only one app may not be a good idea.

That’s why choosing the right platform is the most important thing for online dating.

2. Write Short And Catchy Description

best Online dating tips for guys

I am sure that you have chosen the right platform for you. Now, what’s the next thing to do?

The next thing is describing yourself in short. Make a short description, which clearly shows what kind of person you are.

Why short description?

Because nobody has time to read long descriptions. Especially in the case of girls, they see too many guys every day. So they will probably read the long description of every guy.

The second thing is to write something catchy in the description.

If your hobbies are traveling, photography, gym, or anything else, then don’t forget to include them in your description. 

You can also include what type of person you are, and what type of person you are looking for.

Pro Tip: Many Girls like to date those guys who are animal lovers, travelers, photographers, and fitness enthusiast.

When a girl visits your profile, she will look at two main things description and picture.

Now the description is done, so let’s move to the pictures.    

3. Upload Multiple Profile Pics

best Online dating tips for guys

Believe me, this is the most important step in online dating.

Let’s take an example. A girl sees a lot of profiles every day. Out of those profiles, she likes only a few.

Why a few?

Because when she visited the guy’s profile, first she looks at the pictures, and then read the description.

She found a few profiles with dashing pictures and catchy description. That’s it. She simply liked those few profiles.

All I want to say is your profile pic plays the most important role in online dating.

So, firstly upload the pics which show your face very clearly. Don’t upload those overexposed, noisy images where your face is not visible.

Pick some of your best pictures and upload them. 3-5 pics are enough.

A single photo may not be enough to let others know about you. Uploading multiple pics confirms your identity, and it helps to get a match for sure.

Pro Tip: Upload pics with pets or while traveling. It will help you to get a match faster.

If you just follow these three steps, I can assure you that you will get a lot of matches than ever before.

Now what to do after getting matched with a girl?

4. Don’t Hesitate To Talk First

You can’t expect any result without putting any effort.

So, When you get a successful match, don’t hesitate to make the first move.

Most of the girls never send the text first. So if you wait for them to send a text first, then you will end up waiting for the text.

So, you need to text her first. Instead of just saying hi, you can add a little more text to let her know that you are interested in her.


If she isn’t replying, then don’t send her text again and again. It will irritate her, and she will never reply.

Sending message 2 or maximum 3 times is completely fine.

5. Talk Politely

right platform for online dating

You are not going for war or fighting with anyone. You are going to talk to a girl.

Show your soft side and talk politely. Even if you are a rude kind of person, try to be polite and gentle.

When you are talking to her, show some respect. It’s the quality of a gentleman.

A lot of girls love to talk to a soft-hearted guy. Such a kind of guy listen, understand, and support his partner in every moment.

That’s the main reason you need to talk politely to a girl.

6. Ask About Her

You can’t keep telling about yourself all the time.

Instead, let her tell about herself. You can ask about her hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc.

Asking about her is a great way of conversation. It’s the only way to know her well.

If you ask about her, then you can talk for a long time. Otherwise, you may lack in topics to talk about.

7. Don’t Send Too Many Emojis

Emojis are a great way of showing your emotions.

If you include emojis in your conversation, it makes chat more attractive and engaging.


What if you reduce the text and send too many emojis? It will spoil the conversation. She will find it difficult to understand what are you trying to say.

Emojis are good but they can’t replace the text. The best way is to include both text and emoji.

Type whatever you want to say, and then add a few emojis.

8. Appreciate Her But Not Too Early

Everyone loves to be appreciated. An appreciation can turn your sad face into a smiling one.

If you appreciate her, there are high chances that she will talk to you with a smile.


Don’t start appreciating her in the very beginning. If you do so, then she may feel like you are flirting.

I know flirting is good, but doing it at the right time will be more useful.

So, take some time, and when you feel that you both are comfortable with each other, then start appreciating her.

It’s not a specific time to start praising her. You will automatically know when she gets comfortable with you.

When you know this, that’s the right time to praise her.

9. Don’t Show Off

It’s a habit of many people to showing off their expensive things. In my personal opinion, you should never do this if want real love.


Let me explain. If you show off your expensive things, then yes, you may grab others’ attention. Even you may get many matches with girls. 

But, think for a second. Why did girls like youWhy did they like your profile?

Most Probably for the expensive things you have. Perhaps they also want those things.

Now, what if you lose those expensive things? Will those girls stay with you? 

No, they will not. They will look for another guy who also has those luxurious things. It’s a hard truth. 

So if you are looking for real love, then don’t show off.

Yes, if you talk for a while, then you can tell her about the things you have. 

But before that, it’s not a good idea to show off things, because a good loving girl wants a good guy, not good things.

10. Never Leave a Conversation in Middle

What happens when you suddenly leave an interesting conversation in the middle?

It can spoil the mood.

So, don’t leave the conversation in the middle. If you have to leave the conversation, then tell her that you have to go for now.

If you leave the conversation in the middle without letting her know, then she will keep waiting for your message, and nobody likes to wait for long.

If you leave the conversation in the middle once or twice, then it’s fine because it can happen to anyone.

But, doing it every time is not a good idea in online dating.

11. Wait For The Right Time, and Ask Her to Meet

Now, If you are talking for a while, then it’s time to meet in person.

If you follow the above steps, then she will never reject to meet you in person.


Before you ask her to meet make sure that she also wants the same.

You don’t need to be in a hurry. Let her take some time to think. If you give her time to think, then there are high chances that she will reply yes.

So you have to wait for the right time. If she agrees to meet, then it’s time to go for the first date. 

Everyone wants their first date to be special and memorable. To make it happen, you need to take care of a few things. That’s why you need to know what to do on the first date.

So these were the best online dating tips for guys. Believe me, if you follow the above steps, then you will find your true love for sure.


How should a man write a dating profile?

1. Upload 3-5 Profile pictures. All pics should be different with your clearly visible face.

2. Showcase who you are and what kind of person you are looking for. (Don’t write a few things like I love my job, I love my family, I am hardworking, etc)

3. Try to make it simple because no girl wants to read a complex written bio.

Is it a good idea to send a text first?

If you think the girl will send you a message first, then you are wrong.

Most of the girls never send a text first.

So if you want to increase the chance of dating her, then text her first without waiting.

Does making a profile interesting really helps in getting a match?

Think about it from a girl’s point of view. If you are getting too many likes a day, then which one will you like back?

Obviously you will like the most attractive profile.

So, if you make your profile interesting, you will not only get more results, but you will get better results.

These were the proven online dating tips for guys. Just follow these tips and you will surely meet your loving girl very soon.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in comments.

I hope this article helped you to get what you were looking for.

If you found these tips helpful, then feel free to share this article with others.

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