IMO App Review

Are you planning to use the IMO app? Read the IMO App Review because it can change your mind.

Once IMO used to be the only app that comes with a unique feature such as free video calling. Just because of this feature alone, the app gained so much popularity.

Like millions of other people, It was also one of my favorite apps. 

The app was mainly designed for video and voice chat, and this strategy worked well. 

But now, the time has changed. Competition has grown up so fast in 2021 and 2022. The biggest competitors like WhatsApp and Instagram are taking the lead.

But wait,

More than 500 million people are still actively using the IMO app.

Does it mean you should also use this app, and how does the IMO app perform in 2022? Let’s find it out in this IMO App Review.

About IMO app

Google Play store rating: 4.2

Google Play store downloads: 500M+

Content rating: 3+ years

IMO came into existence in 2005 as a web-based application. People started to show some interest in the IMO. 

Later, they gained popularity because they launched a free video calling feature.

Now in 2022, the IMO app is one of the highest downloaded apps in the play store. The app is downloaded 500M+ times on the play store alone.

Signup process

The signup is a one-step process, and it will hardly take any time.

Download the IMO app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Once you download the app, it will ask you to enter your phone number.

Verify Your Number in IMO App
Verify Your Number in IMO App

After you enter the number, you will receive verification code. Once you enter the code, your account is created.

You will get notifications of contacts that are already using the IMO app.

How to use IMO app

Using the IMO app is easy. On the Contact TAB, you will see all of your contacts. You can also invite friends to join the IMO app.

On the Explore TAB, you will see different features like Groups, Who’s online, IMO phone call, etc. These features have their own purposes. So let’s talk about these features.

IMO app features

IMO app offers a good amount of features. Firstly, let’s talk about the free ones.

Free Features on IMO App

1. Join Group: As the name suggests, this feature lets you join any groups. The groups are categorized into Nearby, Recruitment, Music, Voiceroom, etc.

You can also search for groups using Name, Tag, or ID.

If you find any group interesting, you can join the group by opening the profile. Later If you want to leave the group, you can do so.

2. Who’s Online: This feature lets you know who is online at the moment. When you click on this option, it opens a list of people who are active right now. 

If you like to talk to anyone, simply open the profile and send a gift or say hi. 

Features in IMO App
Features in IMO App

3. Online Voice Room: This is basically a collection of active groups where other people keep talking to each other. To join any group, just tap on the group icon.

If you want to join the groups of other countries, then you can change your location.

Other Free Features are:

  • Free unlimited text messages
  • Unlimited video calls
  • Unlimited voice calls
  • Option to search any profile
  • Option to search a particular text in a conversation
  • Ability to send audio, images, videos, stickers in conversation
  • The capability of sharing up to 10GB files

These are the free features of the IMO app, now let’s talk about the paid features.

Paid Features on IMO App

1. IMO Phone Call: This an interesting feature. Not everyone is available at IMO. In that case, if you want to make a call to non-IMO users, then this option will come in handy.

Now, to make a phone call, you need diamonds. The standard call charges are 0.56 diamonds/min.

Pricing of phone call: There are two ways to get coins. One is free, and the other is paid. To get coins for free, you have to watch ads and download some apps. After watching an ad or downloading an app, you will get 0.04 to 2.4 diamonds.

The second way is buying diamonds. The price from coins ranges from $2 (42 diamonds) to $350 (8400 diamonds).

2. Premium Members: The premium membership offers some extra features. If you become a premium member, you will get some benefits like 25GB Cloud storage, premium member badge, premium contact card, and Ad removal.

To get a better idea, check the image attached below.

IMO premium membership, IMO app review

Pricing of premium: The price of IMO app premium membership is reasonable. It’s nearly $1 for one month and $12 for twelve months

These were the features of IMO App. Some new features get added or removed with new updates, but the above features remain the same.

Real-life Experience with the IMO app

After using Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram, I installed this app in 2021.

I used it for a few weeks, and I had some mixed feelings.

To be honest, I was expecting something unique that makes me use this app, but I didn’t get it. Most of the features seem like a copy of other apps.

After signup, one thing that I immediately noticed is IMO was showing a list of contacts that I have deleted years ago.

I know some features are good, like groups, voice rooms, etc. But the group is similar to a Facebook page and, the voice room is just a group of a few people who keeps talking to each other. I don’t even know who they are and what they are talking about.

I never made any call to anyone on IMO because all the members in my contact list use Whatsapp.

The ads are annoying too.

So, after using the IMO app, I was a little disappointed, and then I uninstalled it.

Is IMO app safe for Video calls?

I have read an article that pointed out that the IMO app doesn’t use end to end encryption like Whatsapp.

If you don’t know about end to end encryption, then it’s a technique that makes video calls much secure and safe.

But, the IMO app doesn’t use such a kind of technique.

So, for casual video calls, it’s safe. But if you make some secret or private video calls, then I can’t recommend this app.

IMO App Review- Pros and Cons


  • Good for making Video and Voice calls
  • Optimized for tablet
  • Option of cloud storage
  • Huge numbers of users
  • VIP membership is reasonably priced
  • Good features


  • Annoying ads
  • No end to end encryption
  • No unique feature to make it stand out

IMO App Review- Conclusion

The IMO app has changed a lot now. Initially, the app was designed only for video and voice calls but now, the app also offers some other features.

In my opinion, you can use the IMO app if most of your contacts are already using the IMO. You may get some extra features also.

But, if most of your contact numbers are already on WhatsApp, then Whatsapp is a better and secure option.

IMO feels like a combination of WhatsApp with other social media apps. I didn’t see any particular reason to use this app.

Lack of unique features was the biggest disappointment for me.

In the end, I just want to say,

If you never used the IMO app, and now you want to switch to it after using Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc, then you will get no stand out feature here.


How do I get IMO app?

You can simply download the app from the Google play store or Apple app store.

Once you install the app, you will be asked to enter your mobile number. After entering the number, it’s almost done. Now you can use the IMO app.

Is IMO a dating app?

It’s not exactly a dating app. It’s more like a social media app where you can find nearby people.
But, there are a lot of people who are using social media apps to find a date.
So, if other social media apps can be used as a dating app (kind of), then IMO can also be used as a dating app.

Is IMO safe for private chat?

I have read some articles regarding the security issues of the IMO app.
So, for a casual chat, it’s fine to use IMO. But for a personal or private chat, you should use Skype or Whatsapp.

Does IMO work in all countries?

No, the IMO app doesn’t work in all countries. The top countries where you can’t use the IMO app are United Arab Emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi), Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, and other Gulf countries. Except for these countries, IMO can be used all around the world.

Is the IMO app totally free?

IMO app is popularly known as a Free Video and Voice calling app.
But actually, this app uses data.

Either you are connecting to Wi-Fi or using mobile data, you need an Internet connection to make this app work. And yes, there are some paid features also.

So this was the IMO app review

Do you agree or disagree with the points mentioned in the IMO app review? You can share your thoughts.

If you have any doubt, feel free to ask in the comments.

I hope this IMO App Review helped you to know what you were looking for. 

If you have found this article helpful, you can share it with others.

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